Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I have been dreaming of a perfect little leopard print pencil skirt ever since I started applying for jobs.
Oh the ways I would style you for work.
But this little number is such a cute and unexpected way to wear that skirt for a casual day look.
Here is how I could style is affordably!
(My sister has this skirt from J.Crew that I might steal, don't tell her)



It turns out it is super hard to find a good leopard print pencil skirt for under $100; I couldn't find a single good one on Polyvore.  Here are some I found elsewhere on the web.  Sadly, the perfect little J.Crew one my sister has is no longer on their site.

Tabeez Women's Printed Pencil Skirt
Find here

Find here

Good J.Crew options found on Ebay here.


  1. Ok I love denim and I love skirts and I wish I had a denim skirt just saying...........

  2. Oh I just read this. Is that why you asked me if I ever wear mine?! Mind your business!


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