Sunday, November 3, 2013


Betsy posted an outfit inspiration post the other day that linked several cute pieces to New Look, a site I had never heard of before. So I started browsing it. And oh, do they have some cute stuff. My Amazon wishlist got quite a few new buggers added on there this morning.

And then I ever so innocently clicked on their "Christmas Jumper" link.

And was met with this sight:

And I freaked out so hard that I made a blog post about it. Because I'm (sad) (bored) (weird) (nutty sweater lover).  You pick. Maybe all?

Here are my favorites, thank you and enjoy.

Shell Pink (Pink) Shell Pink Sequin Snowflake Christmas Sweater | 289982572 | New Look

Grey (Grey) Grey Furry Penguin Christmas Sweater | 289978104 | New Look
Duck Egg (Blue) Brave Soul Blue Ice Skating Robin Christmas Jumper  | 300349946 | New Look

Cream (Cream) Brave Soul Cream Reindeer Fairisle Jumper | 300350813 | New Look

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  1. Woh!! This post makes me so excited! i love the top two especially, though normally i go for the tackiest, glitteriest, most ridiculous thing i can find in christmas jumpers .


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