Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dreaming of Belgium

The other day, we ventured back over to the nearby town of Occoquan for some lunch and holiday shopping. We decided to eat at the Cock and Bowl 50% because of the name and 50% because of the menu. The best way to describe this place would be a hipster Belgium restaurant. And it was just as amazing as that sounds. There were guys with dreadlocks and slouchy t-shirts with dude's faces on them who I am not cool enough to recognize serving mussels, giant pretzels, beers, waffles, and just straight up delicious stuff. It was pretty great. Also, the beer menu was about three times bigger than the food menu. So yeah, we loved it.

We got to talking while we were there about how Mike had actually applied for and got through the first rounds for a job in Brussels. It would have been a hassle to upend our lives and move to a foreign country with the dogs, but how amazing would that have been? Just look at the place...

  Grand Place Brussels  Belgium wallpapers


When dreaming about moving to Brussels if Mike got the job, I searched Venere to look at hotels and rentals and just check out the dreamboats I found on this website.

This little dream has this for the view:

Featured Image

Room - Living Area

This one is called The Opera Residence and check out the grounds:


I mean...come on! These are things dreams are made of. Add that to waffles and beer, and yeah. I'm moving in.

Obviously, Mike didn't get the job, but maybe one day when we're older and have no pets, we'll be able to pick up and move somewhere dreamy like Belgium. We both have jobs we technically could do remotely, so who knows? A girl can dream (of waffles).

Have you ever dreamed of moving to a foreign city?


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