Saturday, August 7, 2010

Life Lessons from This Weekend

1)  When your fiance is crab walking through your attic, don't think to yourself, "If he falls through the ceiling, I'm going to kill him."  When he does indeed fall through the ceiling, you feel like an asshole with evil magical powers.

2)  When crawling around in your attic, don't decide to stand up and tug on a wire as hard as you can so when it doesn't give, you fall through the ceiling of your house ass first.

3)  When you do fall through the ceiling of your house, make sure your extremely calm brother is there with you so he can walk into the room where you and your fiance are repeatedly uttering, "Oh my god, oh my god", look at the damage, shrug, and say, "It's just drywall."

4)  Being friends with a local contractor is really really handy.

5)  Spray insulation does not feel great in your lungs, wear a mask.

6)  Getting through a day where one of you causes hundreds of dollars of damage to your home and being able to wake up the next day, laugh about i,t and support each other is the sign of a relationship that is going to work.

7)  If you have a project that requires you to crawl around in your attic for hours...maybe you should just HIRE someone.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Save the Dates

Just a quick one to brag about one of my favorite Etsy shops nmi Photo Creations.  She made the cutest save the date magnets for me that everyone I sent them to have been raving about.  I love them because they're my colors, they're modern, and they're just darn cute.

She was incredibly fast, made all the changes I wanted and the final product was perfect.  I'm using her to design something else as well that I just love.  Check her out, she rocks!