Thursday, December 24, 2015

Want it Wednesday

I forgot to post this yesterday...pretend it's Wednesday. Also, Merry Christmas Eve! Don't kill your families, you won't get any presents if you do.


It's Wednesday! I'm off work! Let's do it!

This Wednesday, I want...

aquazzura marilyn:
These shoes with a little black dress for a Christmas party.

the boo and the boy: eclectic kids' rooms:
This nursery and the chubby baby to put in it. 

BP. Moto Washed Leggings available at #Nordstrom:
These leggings paired with a slouchy white tee and booties for a casual day out.

Joie Hudette Dress:
This dress with some simple sandals on a summer day.

A Kitchen Table With a Surprising Storage Solution | Apartment Therapy:
This awesome kitchen table for when we have kids.

Only 6 ingredients to these melt-in-your-mouth holiday cookies. Super buttery and tender. Easy and always beloved.:
These in my mouth right now.

Lentil, Avocado and Farro Salad Recipe on Food52: #Food52:
This for lunch all next week.

Gold stacking rings:
These rings for my right hand...maybe for our 5th anniversary?

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Card Insert 2015

You know I love a good Year in Review in my Christmas cards, even if I have to reach to find interesting things to put in it and even if I spend hours cursing at Publisher while making it. Here is the one sent out for 2015 (shamelessly copied from one made at this awesome Etsy store)! Past year's inserts found here and here. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

iPhone Dump on a Sick Day

I'm home sick today. I finally caught the head cold everyone else at my work has been passing around, so I've spent the day in bed, sneezing, coughing, and watching Real Housewives of Atlanta. Anyone want to give me their Xfinity log in so I can watch the new season? No?


Anyways, why not get out of bed for five minutes and do a lazy iPhone dump post on the old blog? Here goes!

Christmas pug

If anyone is going to take a Harry Potter sweatshirt and make it work for an office outfit, it's me.

Mike did his yearly Christmas baking which included these amazing nuts. My coworkers flipped out over his treats. He's a keeper. 

I finally decorated my cubicle and then we switched seats like two days later. Oh well.

Pretty typical weekend position. Enjoy my double chin, everyone.

Our tree! Our tree is the best and we finally found a good Colorado ornament and I'm so happy.

Why text when you can leave notes on the kitchen counter?

It snowed. A lot.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Denver at Christmas

One of the things we love about the having left our hometown is that it actually feels like Christmas other places. Living in a small desert town at Christmas, doesn't really feel like Christmas. There's no snow, no lit up downtown, no big Christmas events or fairs. We love walking around downtown Denver, stopping in the random German Christmas festival for mulled wine and handcrafted gifts, admiring all the lit up trees and buildings, walking through Union Station and the Brown Palace to ooh and ah over their gorgeous decorations. This is our first Denver Christmas and so far we are loving it. Snow, cold, ice, and all.

(No offense, Ridgecrest)

Last weekend, we walked downtown to watch the Parade of Lights. We left early so we could stop into the Brown Palace for some cocktails and to admire their decorations. The parade ended up being super boring, (now we know parades really are just for kids), so the concierge at the Brown Palace hooked us up with a last minute reservation at an Italian restaurant across from Union Station which turned out to be DELICIOUS. Food really is our priority after all, let's not kid ourselves.

Here are some random photos Mike took that night.

The Brown Palace at Christmas is just straight up gorgeous.

One obligatory parade photo before we bailed.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Came Early with Firmoo

One of my coworkers recently had eye surgery and while he was under, they lost his glasses and are refusing to replace them. He was so upset because not only is he recovering from surgery, but now he has to find and pay for new glasses. When he told me his story, the first words out of my mouth were, "FIRMOO!" Out of context, that made no sense to him and he looked at me like I was having a stroke, but then I explained the Firmoo is an awesome site where you can get super cute glasses for really low prices.

You know I love Firmoo and have talked about it here tons of times. Recently, Christmas came early for me when Firmoo sent me a pair of glasses to review here. I didn't go too crazy or fun with the pair I chose so that I could actually wear them around and to work if I need to, but I love that they're a little unique and, I feel, a little 80's which I love.

You can find the pair I chose here. Besides the cute selection and great prices, the best thing about Firmoo is how easy it is to order. You just upload your prescription to their site, choose your lens options, and you're ready to go. On top of that, they're always having some kind of sale, which you know I love. Right now, go here to save 15%. 

My newest pair are just as good as expected, both in look and comfort. I really do love my Firmoo glasses and don't plan on getting eyeglasses anywhere else any time soon! 

Want to give yourself or someone you love the Christmas gift of glasses from Firmoo? Check out their new glasses daily here. My faves are these two-colored Mad Men-esque ones and these retro beauties.  

Thank you Firmoo! And thank you husbands who are willing to take silly blog photos in the snow.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgivings Past

Today, Facebook did one of those "memories" things that they do, reminding you of a post of yours from years past (I love that they do that, by the way) and it blew my mind that the post was five years old. It was FIVE years ago that we were at my sister's for Thanksgiving? Have we really been out of California for three years now? Three?! Man, time flies. I know this makes me sound old, I'm okay with it.

So, on that note (sort of), I thought it'd be fun to look at some Thanksgivings past because you know I've got 800 photos them somewhere.

2007!! Our first Thanksgiving together. We were living in Chico and decided to stay and celebrate alone. And promptly got hammered on a bottle of wine and went to bed early. We look like we're twelve here.

2009! We drove to Santa Rosa and had Thanksgiving at the Way's house. Bradley helped me decorate that pie and it was delicious.

2010! We drove to Laura's and had a tasty dinner and an eventful wine tasting experience. Gizmo also yacked ALL over my mom on the car ride. I blogged about it here.

2011! We combined families and had a delicious, non-traditional meal. We ran in the turkey trot which was my first 5k ever. We took epic, random photos on the lawn including the shoving match shown above (my favorite photo ever). Gizmo and Winston played for DAYS.

2012! I didn't take any photos. We were getting ready to move away the day after Thanksgiving to Maryland and I don't remember anything about it except we were totally dream crushing our family and stressing about our move. I'm sure it was lovely though...

2013! Our first Thanksgiving on the East Coast. We celebrated with a trip to my Dad's where Mike and Monica baked up a storm and then we spent the night at an awesome B&B and had a super tasty dinner. (Don't eat the foam). I blogged about it here.

2014! We literally can't remember what we did. I'm sure Monica cooked. We have no idea.

2015! Our first Thanksgiving in Denver, we decided to celebrate alone with a giant meal, lots of boozing, lots of reading, and just being giant lazy bags. It was awesome. Mike made a Southern feast, we watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and it snowed the whole day.