Friday, August 12, 2016

Buena Vista

For our five year wedding anniversary, Mike booked us a trip to a nearby, dreamy mountain town, Buena Vista. It ended up snowing and raining that weekend, so we postponed our trip until July. 

It was really, really great. A teeny tiny town with good food, breweries, distilleries, hikes, views, and friendly people. We had a blast and are probably going to make it a yearly trip. 

Here are some photos (mostly of trees, us desert kids still can't get over all these gorgeous trees!).

The view from our hotel room.

You always feel so cute and fit in your workout pants and then you see photos and you're like...hmmmm.

The little box on the hiking trail for everyone to leave notes and their information.

I hate walking over wobbly bridges and Mike finds it hilarious.

View of our room from across the river.

Our ridiculously gorgeous hotel.

The part of town we stayed in is recently getting built up. There are all these houses popping up that are new and modern, but also old fashioned and we're obsessed with them.

This dear just wanders around town and does whatever the eff herwants. Case in point, after the photo shown below, he hopped that house's fence and just hung out in their yard. Later, we saw people feeding him apples.

A dream house on one of our walks.

Our last day, we took a scenic drive up to this view. So worth the twists, turns, and scary heights.