Monday, June 24, 2019

Pinspiration 1

I used to do Pinspiration posts on here and I loved them. Since I stopped blogging, the site that I used to make them closed and so I had to archive all the posts since the links broke. But I want to start doing it again! Pinspirations are me taking super cute outfits I find on Pinterest and recreating them with actually purchasable items.

I started out with a tough one, but an outfit I would 100% like to wear in real life. You know, if I actually worked in an office and didn't wear workout clothes all day...

Found Here

It was actually really hard to find a button up shirt that worked, so I went full weird...

Here is the shopable look that you can shop here:

Monday, June 10, 2019


Every year, my mom, sister, and I make reading goals on Goodreads for how many books we want to read that year. This year, I made mine 40 and I'm crushing it so far (if I do say so myself). I've been so enjoying some of the books I've read recently so I wanted to share them here. Book nerds, unite!!

Here are a few of my top favorites:

Manhattan Beach was really beautifully written and made me sad to leave the story. Definitely not an upper, but it's a great story and the characters feel real.

Next Level Basic - you can give me shit for loving this one all you want, but it was actually really fun and surprisingly really empowering. Like whatever you like and don't apologize for it!

The Silent Patient - finally a book with a believable twist! The ultimate quick read whose ending you probably won't guess, I sure didn't.

Code Name Lise - it took me a bit to get into this one, but once I did, I couldn't put it down. This woman was so inspirational. I love that the author wrote her truthfully; she was flawed, but insanely brave and kick ass. And also, next time I complain about something, remind me that I've never had all my toenails pried off without SAYING A PEEP.

Daisy Jones & The Six - this book was so well written and the characters so believeable, that I kept wanting to google the band like it wasn't a piece of fiction. I immediately checked out a book by the same author because I loved this one so much.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo - same author as the book above and just as good a book. Oh man, I love how she writes people. You want to hug them, slap them, and be them all at once. And borrow their wardrobes...

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone - this book made me cry a couple times and ultimately made me want to try even harder in therapy.

Sleeping Beauties - I have obnoxiously sung the praises of this book to everyone in my family and I don't care! It's so good! Go read it! 

What books are you guys reading right now?

Thursday, May 30, 2019


I haven't blogged in a month because I got a job, but I don't feel like working today (employee of the month over here, folks) and miss talking about myself on the internet, so I'm getting back into it with my favorite lazy post...

Currently I am...

Reading: I'm so excited to be reading Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered! I put in a request at my library the second I heard they wrote a book, so I actually got it the day it came out. It's so good! I'm also reading Maybe You Should Talk to Someone and the summer tradition of reading all the Harry Potters has officially started, so I'm on the first one.

Writing: Emails, my daily grateful list to my mom and sister, and Skype chats with coworkers.

Listening: To my coworkers aka the dogs snoring and old MFM podcasts.

Thinking: That I hate waiting around to go to the gym because of Mike (get it together, buddy!), that I need a new happy tv show to watch while I do mindless tasks, and that I need to get motivated to work today.

Smelling:  The remains of this morning's coffee.

Wishing: That I wasn't PMSing and that I was better at fitting cardio into my schedule.

Wearing: No one should be shocked that I'm wearing workout clothes...hashtag working from home...Old navy grey workout leggings, a tank from my favorite neighborhood brewery Green Mountain, and a sweatshirt from Walmart. I'm thrifty! Oh yeah and colorful Nike tennis shoes.

Loving: That I am not in an office on days where I'm demotivated, all the books I'm currently reading, and that this was a short week.

Wanting:  This bathing suit for an upcoming trip to Hawaii, this outfit to wear to the brewery on Saturday while we watch the soccer game, this tattoo with some color highlights, this for lunch, and this house because I love the area it's in and will never be able to afford it in real life.

Needing: For Mike to hurry up so we can go to the gym and to finish my project I'm working on at work.

Feeling: Sleepy, anxious (always), and antsy.

Clicking: gmail, Goodreads,, Outlook, and all my work sites.


So happy it's green and pretty here! That was a lonnnnggg winter, folks.

Emma and Gizmo snuggling gives me so many feels.

Thursday, April 25, 2019


Currently I am...

Reading: I'm a few pages away from finishing The Skeleton Crew, just finished (and unashamedly loved) Next Level Basic, and am about to start Code Name: Lise.

Writing: Emails and notes on work shiz.

Listening: To Mike getting dinner ready and the dogs running around.

Thinking: That I'm happy I made it through my work trip and my first full day of work with little to no stress!

Smelling:  Dude, it's me again? I just went for a run and I smell musty!

Wishing: That it was a couple weeks in the future and I was awesome at my job already. Also, that I was better at running.

Wearing: Old Navy blue and black flowered workout leggings, Target black workout shirt, and Asics running shoes.

Loving: That the weather is so great here right now and everything is finally getting green! Also that we saw three fluffy little owls on our run.

WantingThis backyard, these booties, this super cute house, and to already be showered and in my pjs because I'm lazy.

Needing: To take a shower before dinner and plan my outfit for tomorrow.

Feeling: Sleepy, hungry, and anxious.

Clicking: gmail, Blogger, comparison shopping food delivery services for while Mike is gone (I went with Green Chef), and work stuff.


These two lazy bums make me very happy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dance It Out

In case you need something to Grey's Anatomy style dance some shit out, I recommend this immediately:

Monday, April 15, 2019

Fun Fact

Fun fact: I 100% dropped my cell phone in the toilet yesterday. I forgot it was in my back pocket, pulled down those skinny jeans, and heard a thud. Took me way too long of a beat to realize that thud was my damn phone. Cue me crouching, with my pants down, on the floor of the bathroom to frantically dry off my phone.

Samsung was not kidding about their phones being waterproof though, cause she's fine.


(Also, it was clean water, in case you needed to know that.)

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Currently I am...

Reading: Alright, I gave up on Outline. I got halfway through and it was just too dense for me and I didn't care about anyone in the book. I am officially not as intellectual as Natalie Portman. No one is shocked. I finished The Homecoming on our trip and now I'm reading Under the Dome.  

Writing: My daily grateful email to my mom and sister, updating my LinkedIn and Facebook to show that I got a job (woohoo!), and this blog post.

Listening: To our scanner trying to figure out how to scan a damn document, but can't quite do it, my fingers on the keyboard, and that's it. The dogs are in bed asleep and Mike is at his Sunday soccer game.

Thinking: That I'm glad I finally got a job, but am also super nervous about it!

Smelling:  Myself. Is that weird? I just worked out, so.....

Wishing: That everything will work out with the new job and that I will get my scanner to work.

Wearing: Old Navy blue and black flowered workout leggings, Nike sneakers, a black long sleeved workout top, and a white sweater on top because it's chilly in here. 

Loving: That Mike woke me up early so we could get our Red Rocks workout in and have breakfast before his soccer game.

Wanting:  This purse/fanny pack for my next European vacation, this outfit to wear to the winery today, these CBD gummies that I finally bit the bullet and ordered to show up soon, this for dinner, and this book that I have on hold at the library to come in.

Needing: To scan my offer letter back to my new boss, to go shower and get ready for my day, and to drink more water.

Feeling: Excited, nervous, sleepy, and happy.

Clicking: gmail, CBD gummies websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Goodreads


So pleased that my library volunteer card mentions cheese. 

It's my sister's birthday today! She's the best!