Friday, August 12, 2016

Buena Vista

For our five year wedding anniversary, Mike booked us a trip to a nearby, dreamy mountain town, Buena Vista. It ended up snowing and raining that weekend, so we postponed our trip until July. 

It was really, really great. A teeny tiny town with good food, breweries, distilleries, hikes, views, and friendly people. We had a blast and are probably going to make it a yearly trip. 

Here are some photos (mostly of trees, us desert kids still can't get over all these gorgeous trees!).

The view from our hotel room.

You always feel so cute and fit in your workout pants and then you see photos and you're like...hmmmm.

The little box on the hiking trail for everyone to leave notes and their information.

I hate walking over wobbly bridges and Mike finds it hilarious.

View of our room from across the river.

Our ridiculously gorgeous hotel.

The part of town we stayed in is recently getting built up. There are all these houses popping up that are new and modern, but also old fashioned and we're obsessed with them.

This dear just wanders around town and does whatever the eff her wants. Case in point, after the photo shown below, he hopped that house's fence and just hung out in their yard. Later, we saw people feeding him apples.

A dream house on one of our walks.

Our last day, we took a scenic drive up to this view. So worth the twists, turns, and scary heights.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Want it Wednesday

This Wednesday is extra awesome because the week is already half over and it's barely begun. Yes!

What else could you want besides that? Let's see...

Braided Gladiator Lace Up Sandal:
These shoes with a simple jean dress and straw tote. kate spade new york Flights Of Fancy Thats Bananas Francis Bag, Yellow/Multi, One Size: Clothing:
This tote with everything always.

Purple Maroon Plum Midkini Top and Mint Flora Graphic High waist waisted rise Bottom Swim Bikini set Swimwear Swimsuit Bathing suit S M L XL by venderstore on Etsy:
This bathing suit and fruity drink to go with it.

Craft my Flats: Ice Cream Cones:
These flats with a classic dress, to add a little humor to a work outfit.

More inspiring quotes here:
This attitude about life.

Embroidered stripe dress Product Image:
This dress worn by a little girl whose name we picked this weekend.

Napa Valley residence, CA. Moller Architecture.:
This backyard and the big family to fill it.

Spicy Kimchi Quinoa Bowls - A gluten-free dish that's filled with bacteria that's good for your gut!:
This in my belly right now.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Green Space

In case there is ever a question about why we really really don't want to move away from our current neighborhood, these photos were taken at a park that's walking distance from our house. Maybe it's because I'm from the desert, but I just find this green space so dreamy and relaxing. While Mike was away the last time, I walked here by myself for hours listening to NPR and just stopping to stare at the gorgeous views and feel thankful for where I was.

Good photos by Mike from a weekend walk a few weeks ago and iPhone photos by me on my solo walk.

One part of the park is absolutely covered by groundhogs and I am obsessed with them.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Single Valerie

Mike and I have been together for almost a decade. I told him that the other day and he made me sit there while he did the math because he just couldn't believe it. A decade is a long time. Are we old enough to have been with the same person for ten years? Apparently, yeesh.

All that to say, I haven't been single in a long time. I barely remember that Valerie. Mike has traveled more than normal this year, but the last two times were during the week and I had to work all day and then rush home to the dogs, get dinner ready, and pretty much go right to bed, so I didn't really have time to feel bored or alone. This time, Mike left Wednesday night and I worked from home Thursday and Friday and then have been home alone with the pups all weekend.

Single Valerie has reemerged. And she is lazy. And has a horrible diet. And watches trash tv. And spends money when she's bored. And drinks a lot.

She also doesn't know where the pepper, step stool, or simple syrup is kept. And can't reach the ceiling fan to turn it on when it gets hot in the apartment. 

She also gets very nervous when she has to drive.

SO, it's a good thing Mike put a ring on it, because single Valerie is kind of a mess.

Here is a list of things single Valerie did this weekend; the good and the bad:

  • Made two Blue Apron meals. Ate one all by herself in one sitting and was sick and bloated and miserable all night.
  • Drank two bottles of wine.
  • Cleaned up dog vomit with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Spilled vodka all over the kitchen.
  • Went on a three hour walk through the Beaver Creek Trail, to Kohl's, to lunch at NY Bagel Cafe, and then back through the trail (exercise that includes shopping and bagels is my kind of exercise).
  • Ate massive amounts of Panda Express for lunch.
  • Spent too much money on thongs at Target.
  • Hung out on the patio with the dogs.
  • Watched four seasons (so far) of Real Housewives of NY.
  • Ate cheese, gerkins, turkey, and an apple for dinner.
  • Ate a grilled cheese sandwich and scrambled eggs for dinner.
  • Realized her life revolves around fattening food.
  • Bought Mike the cutest gift at Kohl's that he is super excited about.
  • Took fourteen thousand instagrams and snapchats of the dogs.
  • Slept in until 6:30 every day (score!).
  • Went to bed by 9:00 every night (old lady!).
  • Took a bubble bath and realized about five minutes in that bubble baths are super boring.
  • Wore, count it, four different pairs of leggings.
  • Ate so much candy, she currently has a stomachache.

My plating capabilities are....lacking?

Dog photo 1 of 1,000

Does anyone outside of my family put jelly on their grilled cheese sandwiches?

Dog walks fo rdays.