Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Things I'll Never Do

Stealing another blog prompt from Juliette today, this time talking about things I'll never ever ever do. Here we go!

Is this Scarlett Johansson??

Pierce my nose. I have no problem with people piercing their noses. In fact, my sister looks really cute with a pierced nose. But she has these nice, tiny features on her face whereas I have giant facial features and bringing attention to the biggest part of my face, is probably not a great idea.
(Hashtag I have a giant nose)

Fly Free Skydiving - Get a License

Skydive or bungee jump. I don't like being scared or stressed out and I don't like heights so....no. Just no.

I couldn't find a good picture for this, but I guess it kind of shows my point. I mean, she pretty much looks dead.
(The weirdest via ever btw)

Dye my hair black. I'm too damn pale, I would look like a vampire. A chubby, slow vampire who loves cheese, but still a vampire.

Post to Girls Gone Wild on Reddit. No descriptive picture necessary for that, I reckon.

love this style

Wear these pants. I don't think this merits any further explanation...

spouse,couples pregnancy portrait,couples,pregnancy,portrait,husbands,husband,kissing belly,portrait studio,portrait,studio

Take either the man kissing the bump picture or the topless picture when I'm pregnant. They skeeve me out so bad. Also, Mike would divorce me.


Work in sales. I just can't. If you say no to me, I say okay thank you, have a good day. I can't schmooze. I just don't have it in me.

Also, of course, I'd never kill anyone or like kick a bird and stuff like that, but those aren't fun blog answers, you know?

What are some things you would never ever do?

(I probably would kick a bird if it was harassing me, come to think of it)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: During my trip, I read a biography of Marilyn Monroe written by Gloria Steinem which was really interesting and horribly sad, I also read the 4th and final book in the Giver Quartet which was great, and two Harry Potter books. Now, I'm reading the third HP book because it's summer and that's what we do in my house.

Writing: This blog post, cover letters, resumes and e-mails to my styling clients.

Listening: To Mike watching Star Wars cartoons and the pups sleeping. It's definitely a lazy Sunday over here. I took a shower halfway through this blog post and now I'm listening to Mike vacuuming up an old barf stain we found on one of our chairs. Glamorous this life is.

Eating:  So far today, I've had two slim fast shakes, a nectarine, some water, some coffee, and a cheese stick. I keep snatching sour watermelon candies when I walk by the kitchen too.

Wishing/Hoping:  For someone to give me a damn job.

Wearing: Nike black capris, a purple sports bra, and a tank. 

Loving: That Mike got a great job and that we are one step closer to getting what we want.

Wanting:  The usual - a job and some security. But also this hair color, this DVF maxi dress,  this awesome wallpaper, and this super cute blazer.

Needing: To get up and shower and then apply for yet more jobs.

Feeling: Tired and anxious.

Clicking:  This blog, lookbooks on Keaton Row, Pinterest to get inspiration from my client's boards, and my e-mails to go through all the job listings I was sent while I was out of town.

A couple other things...

I went through old photo albums while at my mom's house and this photo made my sister die laughing because she looks adorable and I look like a possessed doll with no neck.

I can't help but take tons of pictures of my mom's dog because she is just so muppety.

We finally visited Baltimore and the view from our hotel room was to die for.


Finish The Sentence

I haven't been blogging because I was out of town for 8 days in CA visiting friends and family and attending a funeral and also I have naught to blog about. I'm boring.

I found Juliette's blog every day in July link up super late, but I'm latching on because the prompts are good and seriously dudes, besides drinking Slim Fast shakes and searching for jobs, I don't have anything to talk about. 

The first prompt I'm stealing is finish the sentence...here we go!

When I open the fridge, I always hope I find...
CHEESE. Preferably goat cheese, but any cheese will do. Except blue. Yuck.

My favorite article of clothing is...
Oh man I can't pick a favorite. I have a leopard cardigan that I wear a lot because it's oversized and comfy and I pretend it matches everything.

Last week I was really pissed when...
Wasn't pissed at all last week, just sad and sleepy and enjoying time with friends and family.

One thing nobody understands about me is...
How incredibly shy I actually am. I cover my shyness and self consciousness by being loud and funny and acting happy all the time. It works like I charm and I think people would be surprised to know how shy I actually am.

One thing I don't understand is...
Math. I mean, seriously.

The world would be a better place if...
People cared more about others than themselves. On huge scales like, you know, not shooting down passenger jets and on tiny scales like not playing your ipad with the volume on loud in a crowded airplane.

If I had a million dollars I'd...
Pay off all of our debt and both our families' debts and move to Australia or New Zealand and open a bar.

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be...
If I'm being honest...does "my looks" count as one thing?

Something that can always make me happy is...
Cheese! Also taking the dogs for a walk, it helps to clear my bad moods.

Something I'll never blog about is...
Politics or religion. I get too angry at stupid people's responses. Oh, also, my husband's job.

If I could go anywhere I would go...
New Zealand.

Lord of the Rings, duh.

If I were an animal I would be a....
Pug. Sleep, eat, poo, repeat.

A job I've always wanted is..
Wedding planner.

My idea of a perfect day is...
Sleeping in, skipping the gym, brunch with bloody mary's, walking outside in great weather, shopping for shoes with no budget, late lunch with cocktails, talking about life with my husband, early to bed with tea and a movie surrounded by my dogs.

If I knew I'd die next week, this week I'd...
Write a lot of letters and apologies, spend as much time with Mike as I could, and eat whatever the mother hell I wanted.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why I Don't Take the Bus

There are three reasons why I will not ride a city bus. And they are not that 1) I'm a brat, 2) I'm a small town bumpkin, and 3) I'm lazy.  They are:

1)  When I first moved away from home, I went to college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. It was my first "big city", my first time away from home, my first real life experiences. And I was horrible at it, but that's a whole other thing. After being there a while, my car broke down for seemingly no reason. I had it towed from campus and worked on at a local mechanic. When I needed to pick it up, I didn't have any friends who had cars, so my friend and I decided to take the bus to the mechanic to bring my car back. So we get on the bus for our first time in San Luis Obispo and I'm pretty sure my first time on a city bus ever. We sit down and settle in for our ride across town and quickly realize that we are the only two people on this bus that aren't mentally handicapped. I'm not saying that as a rude adjective for stupid people. We literally were sharing the bus with a giant group of actual mentally handicapped people. Who were yelling and talking really loudly about having sex, and who all seemed to know each other. We were just smack dab in the middle of this really rambunctious, perverted group of people and it was incredibly awkward.

2)  My first day in training as a flight attendant in New Jersey, I hopped on the bus all ready to show up for work, excited, and confident. I was living in my first actual big city, doing my first day of commuting. I put in my money and grabbed a hand hold on the busy bus. At some point, someone got off right next to me and I moved to sit down and ended up bumping a very large African American woman. And she did not appreciate it. No ma'am. She spent the rest of the bus ride yelling, not to me, but to other people, how "this bitch just shoved me." And it was like a 20 minute bus ride or something crazy like that and I just sat there making myself as tiny as I possibly could while this extremely loud woman who probably had about 75 pounds or more on me, called me a bitch to the rest of the bus.

3)  On the way home from training the day of the "this bitch" bus experience, I waited outside the airport and grabbed my bus home. I knew the number I needed, we'll call it bus 395 or whatever, I don't remember. All I know is I need bus 395 to get to and from work. Being the small town bumpkin I am, I don't realize that bus 395 goes in multiple directions. So I grab the first one I see. And I sit on that bus for over an hour as it drives in the wrong direction silently praying that at some point this friggin' thing is going to turn around oh holy shit what did I do. It didn't. Because that's not how buses work, Valerie. So I got off on the last stop in Orange, a town I'd never been to and just started walking while having a panic attack. At some point, I saw a sign for Amtrak and just bee-lined it for the place, running up to the ticket window and breathlessly announcing, "I need to get to Newark!" To which the ticket guy responded, "Why?" (Because Newark is not great, folks) I spent the train ride home texting my friends to warn them why I was late and trying not to burst into tears and further embarrassing myself.

And from that day on, I drove to work.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Day Camping

 This year for 4th of July, Mike and I wanted to do something, but stay local and not spend too much money, so we decided to try out camping. We made a reservation at Point Lookout, about 20 minutes away from home, loaded up on camping goodies, and were pretty dang excited about it! We decided to take the dogs camping for their first time ever.

Tuffy was excited at first.

Gizmo just hates car rides.

The camp site was gorgeous. It was filled with trees that gave you plenty of shade and it was quiet and just lovely. And the bathrooms/showers are super nice.
Aside from the ticks you got if you ventured into the forest, it really was a great site.

The dogs were crazy excited from the beginning and would not calm down. I was glad they weren't barking a ton, but we couldn't get them to sit for any extended period of time and they both insisted on only laying in the dirt, weirdos.

Gizmo loves dirt.

The one time Mike sat down the whole trip.

The best part of camping really is the food, don't you think?

I got to relax a little and read by the fire while Mike ran around cooking and setting stuff up. 
Side note: camp fires are not nearly as fun when it's hot as hell out.

Annnnd then we were home and in bed by 10:30.
After we finished eating and hanging around for about 5 hours, Mike pointed out that the dogs still would not calm down or sit still and it was hot as all hell outside and it felt like it was going to rain and we just knew we were going to have a horrible night's sleep. So, we went home.
I felt kind of embarrassed that we went home so soon, but after about 2 minutes in the car, both dogs were passed out asleep so we knew we made the right decision.
I'm calling it day camping. You get the fun food, the outdoors, and still get to sleep in your own bed that night.
(Also it did end up raining later so I felt a little vindicated)

Our dirt laying dogs had to get baths the next day, so they officially hate camping.

And despite spraying on Deets every hour on the hour and sitting by a bug candle, I came home riddled with bug bites that I of course have lovely allergic reactions to. Never again, camping!

The end.

We're the worst.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Just finished The Messenger and am now reading the first Harry Potter. Once a year, every summer, Mike and I re-read all the HPs and then watch the movies. Because we're nerds, but it's okay.

Writing: This blog post and and working on lookbooks for my styling clients.

Listening: To Mike watching soccer and eating grapes while the dogs nap with him.

Eating:  Nothing, but think I might go snag a nectarine from the fridge in a minute. Fun fact: I only eat rock hard fruits. I really hate mushy anything. Mike thinks it's disgusting.

Wishing/Hoping:  For my anxiety to lessen. I'm having not a great day today when it comes to anxiety. Unemployment issues online and talking about where to live/work/cars to buy. Ugh.

Wearing: A robe, I just got out of the shower.

Loving: That the US is doing so well in the World Cup. It's been so fun to watch and enjoy their story.

Wanting:  The usual - a job and some security. But also this amazing jumpsuit, this awesome Game of Thrones tee, and one of these amazing floral monograms in the letter G.

Needing: To get up and get ready to go to Mike's game.

Feeling: Tired and anxious.

Clicking:  Keaton Row making lookbooks, my client's Keep and Pinterest accounts, and USAjobs.


Friday, June 27, 2014

The Fails of Spring

Remember here when I talked about my ABCs of Spring? Well, it's Summer now technically so I'm looking back and realizing I did none of this shit.  Whoops. That's the problem with goals, right?

Here is what I said I wanted to do this Spring and what we actually did:

Annapolis (visit Annapolis more):  We only visited Annapolis once to celebrate our anniversary in May. We did find an awesome new bar on that trip so that was pretty successful. (My measurement system relies on booze, mostly)

Brewery (check out the brewery in Prince Frederick):  Didn't visit the local brewery. 

Celtic Festival (get Mike to take me to the Celtic festival):  Mike wouldn't go.

Dogs (take the dogs out more):  We did take a ton of dog walks and lay in the shade with Gizmo a lot. They haven't gone on any trips yet, but we are bringing them with us on our upcoming camping trip so we'll see how that goes.

Eat better:  HEY! I actually did okay at this! (Says the girl who had a bloody mary at 10am today)

Family (see my local family more):  We did good at this too! We've had quite a few visits with my dad and step-mom.

Get out more:  We've done okay with this, taking a lot of long walks by the water on the base and going out every Sunday to watch Mike play soccer.

Harbor (visit National Harbor):  Nope, didn't do that.

Internet Less:  N.O.P.E. That's all I ever do dude between editing, styling, and job searching. Also, googling interviews with the kids from Glee. All important stuff.

Jeans (get through the whole Spring without wearing stupid jeans):  I wore boyfriend jeans the other day, dammit. 

Keep it local (actually make it to the farmer's market):  We are awful at this. Just awful.

Laura & Brian (get them to visit us):  Nope, they hate us.

Mt. Vernon (visit and maybe take the dogs on dog day):  Nope.

Nationals (go to a Naitonals game):  Nope. Drove by it a bunch of times, does that count?

Outdoors (go for more hikes):  Nope, the last snake sighting scarred me for life. That thing was big.

Passport DC (tour the embassies):  Totally forgot this existed.

Quit being so lazy:  Ummmmm....I'm gonna say nope.

Running:  We have gotten better at cardio by running in between sets on weightlifting days, adding HIITs to cardio days when it's too hot to run, and doing hills on the treadmill on our lazy days. But we could definitely still be much better.

Spend more time focusing on positive things:  Yes! I'm totally doing this!! Well today I'm pretty down on myself about my job search, but more often than not I'm pretty positive.

Travel:  Not enough, but traveling costs money so I'll give myself an out on this one.

Unemployed no more:  NOPE. (Val sucks)

Virginia Wine:  Nope. I mean we've drank some, but haven't visited any wineries.

Work:  Kind of, part time unscheduled work which is better than nothing I guess.

X:  Seriously? What the hell do I use for this letter? To not have to get x-rays? X-tend the good weather?

Yoga:  Nope. I guess that answers the "be less lazy" question.

Zoo:  Nope! I miss you baby panda!

Soo....let's do better this summer Val!