Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Last weekend I participated in a rite of passage I legitimately thought I would never bachelorette party.  I never imagined myself as the girl wearing the veil walking around Vegas with a group of girls, but I'm so so glad I got to be her!  My girlfriends are the best and it ended up being one of my greatest weekends ever.  Here are some reasons why:

1)  The Paparazzi.  Thank G for the two moms in this group because otherwise we would have had zero pictures.  Vanessa went nuts with her camera from the very first minute of the trip.

2)  The Swag Bags.  Laura, the MOH, did an awesome job wrangling everybody and arranging hilarious, thoughtful, and kind of terrifying swag bags.  Add that to the bedazzled tank tops that made not one, but two of the guests cry before the trip, and we came away with some great loot.

3)  Alcohol.  I'm not going to lie...the booze was part of the reason the weekend was so fun.  There's nothing better than a group of tipsy chicks!  Especially fun, watching Vanessa try her hardest not to day drink and giving in around 2pm... valiant try Ven!

4)  Some tasty delish meals.  Well done on choosing the food MOH!

5)  Creepy/Cheaty Strangers.  Being hit on in random places, yelled at to NOT DO IT while wearing my bride sash, watching Kris ignore some dude who was trying desperately to hit on her and she had no idea, pointing out wedding bands on old married dudes...all priceless Vegas moments.

6)  Kristin announcing to the bouncer that she will NOT wait in line.  And having it work.

7)  Panties.  Leaving it at that.

8)  Drunk Texts.

9)  Beatles Love...seriously amazing show.

10)  The most important one.  These girls.  Love them!!!