Saturday, December 18, 2010

Because Calories Don't Count When It's a Holiday

I'm so impressed with my fiancĂ© today that I thought I'd share with everyone the goodies we've been baking all weekend, (I use "we"'s mostly been him...he does not like to share kitchen space and also I'm kind of lazy).  The first one is Mike's favorite and the one that has me the most impressed because it included him making his own marshmallows from scratch.  It's hot chocolate on a stick found here.  Marshmallows are actually incredibly easy to make, but Mike is still amazed at how awesome his first try turned out.  We're still waiting for our fudge to set, but once we're all done, this is what the finished product should look like:

Now we just have to figure out how to give those to people without making a huge mess.

The second recipe we've done today that I can't wait to gorge myself on is peppermint bark found here.  This is what our finished product looks like so far:

One little note on this recipe, it says in the end to "break the bark into small irregular pieces."  That is way easier said than done.  We accomplished breaking it up by chopping at it with a huge knife, it doesn't just simply "break up."  Tastes delish though!

We're also making regular fudge from Mike's old timey recipe book that he loves so much and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies that we admittedly bought pre-made dough for.  But I think we should still get credit for baking them since I bought them from a client to help her son go to camp.  Good deed outweighs laziness right?

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Now, you all know that I love my groom-to-be.  He's the ying to my yang, the calm to my crazy, the clean to my messy.  Usually he's the one telling me to pump my breaks and tone down the crazy.  I'm usually the one having massive amounts of mini-freakouts.  My, how the tide has turned.

Mike has been having a rough time picking out the suits for him and his boys to wear in our wedding.  Early on, he decided that he wanted to buy all 4 suits rather than renting tuxes or trying to rent suits.  He's a bit of a clothes horse, (he would call himself a dandy), so he's been scouring the internet and magazines for suits he likes and sending me link after link.  He finally decided on a store he loved thanks to one of the groomsmen Owen and we set a date to go check it out and HOPEFULLY leave with our hands full of pants and jackets.  After a three-way argument between Mike, the mo-in-law, and myself about whether or not Mike needed to call ahead and check on their stock, (Mike voted no and mo-in-law and I staunchly voted yes), Mike caved, called, and realized that they were NOT in stock at the closest location, (told-ya-so's abound), and we'd have to schlep to the downtown LA store.

Little-known, (?), fact about me...I hate driving on freeways.  I wasn't always like this, I used to be rational, but lately it scares the bejeesus shit out of me.  I get super paranoid and yell at Mike to slow down the entire drive.  It's incredibly unpleasant for me and my stress level and equally unpleasant for Mike since he'd rather sit and listen to Glee music and drive in peace.  So needless to say, the drive to LA was not a pleasant one.  We finally got there in one piece and found the store.  Zara was great.  Super cool clothes, hipster staff wearing fancy suits with duckman shoes, loved it.  The first suit Mike wanted was going out of stock and didn't have enough sizes so it was a no-go.  Our awesome hipster lady helper with her, I'm too cool to ever work a job where tattoos are not acceptable, peacock feather arm tattoo, ran her ass all over the store and called multiple locations to find us all the sizes we needed.  Mike loved the suit, big goofy grin loved it.  After over an hour in that hot ass store standing on my feet holding jackets and pants looking like the least hip and fattest chick in LA, we were leaving...suits in hand!

We had a great rest of the day, French restaurant, sandwich with an egg on top, British waitress with fake diamond on her tooth, event-less drive back.  Then we got home.  And the groomzilla freak-outs started.

Mike spur of the moment decided that the suits were too tight and started WIGGING out. Soothing voice did not work, hugs did not work, tough love did not work.  Normally, all Mike has to do to talk me down from a good wig-fest is to tell me to pump the breaks and then he walks away.  This did not work on groomzilla.  We finally called the mo-in-law and she temporary talked his crazy fest down.  Until about an hour later when the freak-out mutated into a pout-fest.  This continued until well into this afternoon when  he finally tried on the suit in question for mo-in-law who also happens to be master seamstress-in-law and they all decided that the suit was actually too tight and Mike has to return all of them and start over from scratch.

Dear God.

This happened around 1:00 this afternoon.  Since then, he's made me look up 3 separate suits online and we just ordered one for him to try on and send back if it doesn't fit.  He's also continuously all day stressed out about "ruining everything."  Who's the crazy one now?

The positive thing to have come out of this weekend long suit-gate is that Mike now admittedly understands me better since he has finally experienced the fun that is a mini freak-out and I get to act like the sane one for awhile.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Demon Dog

I've had some love/hate relationships before, but this one is currently taking the cake.  I love our dogs.  They're our furry children.  I would jump in front of a car for them, I would kill for them, I've stayed up nights for them.  Some days though, I want to kick them.  Christmas has been rough on me this year for many reasons, but Gizmo, my dear youngest furry child, decided to make it a little bit harder today.  I came home from work at lunch to a living room floor covered in ripped up wrapping paper and destroyed presents.  Awesome.  Instead of kicking Gizmo, (I currently have him locked outside so I don't), or complaining about him anymore, here are some pictures of my lovely demon dog.  Love him or hate him, he's pretty damn cute.

Monday, November 29, 2010


I have a problem with holidays.  I get really amped for them.  The build-up is so exciting.  I get to see my sister!  I get to eat mashed potatoes!  I get to see the Way's!  Black Friday! Etc etc etc.  Then the holiday gets here and all of a sudden it's gone and then I'm back home and exhausted and cranky.  The holidays always get me like that.  This one was no different.  It was great.  And stressful.  And messy.

6 Things I'm Thankful for Thanksgiving 2010:

1)  Mike and his calm, zen-like driving.  Yes, he gets a little road ragey like the best of us, but he can seriously sit in that driver's seat and not be bothered driving for HOURS.  He doesn't get fidgety,  he doesn't get bored, he just has to pee A LOT.

2)  Glee cd's.  Yup, I said it.  We listened to the three, (yes, Mike and I combined own three of them...what of it?!), Glee soundtracks about 500 times during the drive to and from my sister's this Thanksgiving.  Bippity bopping to those beats helped the miles fly by.

3)  The Way's.  Love them for more reasons than I can count, but this Thanksgiving, I love them for letting us stay at their fancy, adult house.  I love our house, but staying in theirs made me look forward to turning ours into a home.  Their eclectic, grown-up, lived-in home made me instantly relax after a long day and feel like I was in the presence of a real family even when they weren't there.  Also, their bed is huge and comfortable and their shower is three times the size of ours.  F-A-N-C-Y.

4)  FOOD.  Really, what is the best thing about Thanksgiving?  Let's all be honest, food.  Mike and Laura slaved away in that kitchen.  Well, not slaved.  More like bickered amusingly while working.  Loved it.  Listening to them fight like a real brother and sister while cooking delicious food was a perfect Thanksgiving memory for me this year.  The mashed p's rocked.  Life was good.

5)  Wine.  What would a trip to Sonoma County be without wine tasting and what better way to recover from Black Friday then with some tasting of that wine?!  Alexander Valley open house was a blast.  Not the best wine we've ever had, but some great stuff, some laughs, and some stories that will never get old.

6)  Laughter.  This trip was stressful and had its share of bumps in the road, but laughing through some of the worst really helped.  Laughing with Mike and my mom until we all almost cried or peed our pants at the THIRD time Gizmo vomited onto my mom's lap made the last leg of the long and stinky drive up to Santa Rosa bearable.  Laughing as we high-tailed it out of one of the scariest businesses, let alone wineries, I have ever been to in my entire life even though we felt dirty and our shoes were covered in mud, it made not only our day, but the whole trip.

Happy Thanksgiving, can't wait for Christmas!

My lap-mates pre-barf incident #1

Mike attempting to eat Del Taco without getting his hand bitten off
Fancy soup a la Laura
Wine tasting at one of the non-terrifying wineries
The sisters pre-phone loss

A rainbow before the rain

On the drive home before barf incident #4

Saturday, October 30, 2010

DIY Fever - Welcome Bags

Last weekend, Mike and I took on our first DIY project for the wedding.  I am personally obsessed with DIY weddings.  I scour blogs like Project Wedding and Wedding Chicks for DIY ideas and the simple and unique weddings with DIY touches are always my faves.  I consider myself a pretty crafty person, my mom and I used to do DIY projects all the time making wreaths out of paper, making our own cards, we've even made our own jewelry.  I have great ideas all the time.  The only problem is, I have an incredibly short attention span.  I get all hyped up to do a project and then the second it gets irritating or difficult, I get bored and quit.  This is where Mike is a perfect match for me.  The second I get irritated, (or fussy as he calls it), he steps in, solves, the problem, and gets me back on board.  We're a pretty great team.

The project we took on last weekend was making our welcome bags for the wedding.  We're only inviting a small amount of people to the wedding and all of them are having to come from out of town and spend the night, so we thought doing welcome bags that will be waiting in each guest's hotel room would be a nice way to say thank you for making the trip.  I got this idea from a small post in one of my 800 wedding magazines with a welcome bag done by Sara at Woods & Company.  It was a super cute suitcase welcome gift filled with goodies about San Francisco.

I actually e-mailed back and forth with Sarah about having her do mine, but at the end of the day...I'm a cheapskate and wanted at least one DIY project for my wedding so I opted to do it myself.  So sorry guests, you're getting my handiwork, not Sarah's!  I feel a little bad for you...

I decided to do canvas tote bags as the container for our welcome bags so that our guests could use them again as grocery totes, (how very green of me right?!).  I ordered some simple canvas totes from Cheap Totes for only 99 cents each.  Crazy good deal!

Rather than buy already custom totes like a lot of places sell for about 14 bucks a piece, I ordered a design by the woman who did our save the dates at NMI Photo Creations.  She did up a cute design that matches our save the dates and only charged me 10 bucks.  This is a steal because I can use this design for anything forever and trust me, I love this thing, I'm going to be re-using it.  After that, it was just a matter of getting our DIY on.  Here is how we did it:

Print out your pattern onto iron on transfer paper. I couldn't find ANY in my stupid town so my bridesmaid Kristin bought me some out of town.  25 bridesmaid stars for her.

Keep in mind that even where the design isn't, there is going to be a shiny outline from the iron on paper so either cut all the way around your design, (which there was no way in hell I was going to do 19 times), or just cut off any excess you don't want showing.  Mike whipped out his razor blade and a round ruler, (because of course, he had to make sure it was perfect), and cut off rounded edges around each design.

Something Mike quickly realized while cutting the already printed out designs is that you have to be careful with them. Once they're on the iron on paper, it's really easy to screw up the design and scratch off parts of it.  Case in point:

Then lay out a pillow case on the kitchen counter.  Apparently, you need to do this on a hard surface, not on an ironing board.  Iron the pillow case and each bag to make sure they weren't wrinkly. Place the design face down onto the bag and iron it, putting a lot of pressure on the iron.

(Here's a side hint, don't wear a gigantic shirt and/or let your fiancĂ© photograph you from underneath when you know you're going to post pictures on the internet) One thing we came across when ironing is that the instructions say to iron for 3 minutes, but that is not nearly enough time.  We did each bag about 7 minutes.  This is probably because we were ironing onto canvas and not cotton.  Just tug at the corner and see if it is stuck on and if not, keep ironing.  Once you're sure you've ironed long enough, let it sit and cool for a couple of minutes and then, starting with a corner, pull the backing off.

And you're donezo!  Here is the finished product: 

I love them and can't wait for our guests to get them!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Engagement Pictures

This post is a late one, but when you come home every night after being verbally harassed at work, typing up a witty blog is not high on your list of priorities.  Drinking wine is.  And whining to your beleaguered fiance.  But today is a better day, so blog I shall!

A few weeks ago we randomly decided to take our engagement photos.  We've been engaged now for like 8 months, (holy shit I had to count that time twice.  Time has FLOWN by!), so we're a little late on the engagement photos bandwagon.  We never intended to take engagement photos because Mike refuses to put an announcement in our local paper, (which I'm okay with because they consistently spell people's names wrong and leave huge gaps in their type...especially in the obits...which I find tacky and obnoxious...go Ridgecrest journalism!), and we weren't planning to send out engagement announcements.  Our fantabulous photographer Ray Hocker, (Sierra Photography Studios check him out!!), offers them free with our wedding package so we figured what the hell.  We had planned to take them months ago, but Mike's father got sick so we kept having to reschedule and never really found a good time.  A couple of weeks ago, I got an e-mail from Ray's wife saying that he could do them that weekend if we were free.  Perfect, let's get these suckers over with!

The day arrived.  Panic ensued.  I had NO plan.  As a hopefully future wedding planner and a bride planning her own wedding, I check wedding blogs and magazines daily.  I have an overload of ideas and images in my head.  There are some adorably cute engagement sessions out there with props and themes galore.  I had nothing.  While planning my wedding beyond an inch of its life, I had let this little detail slip by.  Shit.  Mike and I literally spent that day bickering.  I was pissy, he was pissy, it was not conducive for romantic lovey dovey engagement photos.  Mike also chose this day to decide to veto using our dogs in the photos which was my only prop.  I couldn't get my hair to work, Mike bickered with me about his outfit choice, and I realized as we were about to leave that our outfits completely clashed.  To top it all off, Mike and I both HATE having our pictures taken and neither of us are particularly photogenic...especially me...the queen of blinks and double chins.  It was too late to cancel now, so I chugged a glass of wine and off we went.

So we start taking pictures and I'm not feeling totally comfortable.  I've never been good at standing still and I always feel awkward in poses.  Ray also informed me that I blinked in the first four takes.  It's official, I will never be America's Next Top Model.  After a few shots, Ray let us come around and look at them on his camera.  I was shocked.  Thank God for Ray, his fancy schmancy flash, and lenses.  We looked faboosh.  I was immediately put at ease.  Mike and I just embraced the poses and laughed through the rest of the shoot.  Ray was so complementary and sweet and might I add FAST.  We got through with our shoot in about an hour and less than two weeks later had 83 perfect shots to choose from.  Here are a few of my favs:

Aren't they pretty?!  Everyone loves them and I'm so pleased with how they came out!  Ray rocks.  I do, however, because I am after all ME, have some regrets.  So here is my advice for ladies getting ready to take their engagement photos:

1)  Don't wear something you've never been photographed in before.  I love the dress I wore in this and it's my wedding colors so I thought it'd be perfect.  The top photographed so baggy and for someone like me with big boobs, wearing a baggy top made me look even bigger.  Some of the shots, to me, are unusable because of how the dress made me look.  Case in point:  

Thanks to Ray's photography and Mike's hotness, this would be a totally cute picture.  Except, the bagginess of my top and my bad posture makes me look like I have the saggiest boobs in the world.  Not cute.  Shot from the front, this dress makes me look wide as a house too.  So do some photos in what you want to wear to make sure you look as cute as you feel!!

2)  Have a plan and make sure your photographer knows about it.  I had researched engagement sessions I liked and sent some ideas to Ray's wife months before the impromptu session, but without the ideas fresh in my or Ray's mind, they fell to the wayside.  If I could do it again, I would have printed out examples of pictures and poses I liked so we could recreate them in our own photos.

3)  Bring props!  I wish we had brought at least SOMETHING.  I especially love the photos where the bride and groom to be hold signs or flags that say Thank You on them so you can use them for your after wedding thank you cards.  Just bring something.  Balloons, flowers, dogs, umbrellas, something to change it up.  Even if you don't use the photos later, options are good!

4)  Be more vocal with your photographer.  Ray was great and did exactly what we asked, but I wish I had asked him for more.  I was so flustered from the bad day we had had and from my nerves that I didn't ask for things I wanted.  I will definitely not make this mistake at the wedding!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Life Lessons from This Weekend

1)  When your fiance is crab walking through your attic, don't think to yourself, "If he falls through the ceiling, I'm going to kill him."  When he does indeed fall through the ceiling, you feel like an asshole with evil magical powers.

2)  When crawling around in your attic, don't decide to stand up and tug on a wire as hard as you can so when it doesn't give, you fall through the ceiling of your house ass first.

3)  When you do fall through the ceiling of your house, make sure your extremely calm brother is there with you so he can walk into the room where you and your fiance are repeatedly uttering, "Oh my god, oh my god", look at the damage, shrug, and say, "It's just drywall."

4)  Being friends with a local contractor is really really handy.

5)  Spray insulation does not feel great in your lungs, wear a mask.

6)  Getting through a day where one of you causes hundreds of dollars of damage to your home and being able to wake up the next day, laugh about i,t and support each other is the sign of a relationship that is going to work.

7)  If you have a project that requires you to crawl around in your attic for hours...maybe you should just HIRE someone.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Save the Dates

Just a quick one to brag about one of my favorite Etsy shops nmi Photo Creations.  She made the cutest save the date magnets for me that everyone I sent them to have been raving about.  I love them because they're my colors, they're modern, and they're just darn cute.

She was incredibly fast, made all the changes I wanted and the final product was perfect.  I'm using her to design something else as well that I just love.  Check her out, she rocks!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Few Fun Things

I just wanted to show off some cute accessories I recently bought for the wedding! 

I've been searching and searching for yellow shoes for the wedding because I really want to do one of those pictures where I'm lifting up my dress showing my shoes and Mike is lifting up his pants showing his socks...I'm a dork I know.  And yes, I'm forcing Mike to wear yellow argyle socks.  He's a lucky man.

I've had a really hard time finding yellow shoes that don't look like stripper shoes.  Thankfully, I found some super cute, non-skanky ones on Zappos and got them in the mail yesterday and they're perfect!  Here they are:

Don't they just make you happy?!  Love 'em.

I also bought a clutch for the wedding day.  Of course, it's from Etsy.  Here it is:

I love it because it's kind of modern and graphicy, the perfect colors for the wedding and I can totally use it again.

I also ordered my dad a tie for the wedding.  He wants to kind of match the groomsmen since he's going to be walking me down the aisle, but not exactly match them.  I ordered him a tie from the same lady at Tux and Tulle on Etsy that we got the groomsmen ties from.  Love these too!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mike Said Aye to the Tie!

Pardon the pun...I couldn't help myself.

The main part of the wedding that Mike has been participating in and excited about is what he gets wear.  He loves clothes and especially loves suits so he's been having fun shopping around and finding pieces for the wedding.  The first part of the boys' attire that we decided on were their ties.  We looked on Etsy and Mike checked  a lot of his favorite fashion web sites and after a couple of weeks decided on these:

We loved the bright yellow color and just how darn cute they are.  I think they're going to look perfect with the boys' gray suits.  Love 'em! 

I ordered them from a shop on Etsy called Tux & Tulle.  She did a great job and we got them really quickly.  Here they are!  I don't want to take them out of their bag, they're so cute!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Said Yes to the Dress!

Okay, I haven't posted in ages...I suck...but I'm back!

I'm so excited to say that I can check off one of the hardest and most important, (to me at least), things off of my wedding checklist!  The DRESS.

The journey of buying my wedding dress started like most of my journeys a dirty dressing room in my underpants.  My mom and my mo-in-law to be Sandy decided to check out the one and only dress/tux shop in our town classily named Tuxego.  We knew we wouldn't find a dress there, but figured it'd be fun and we might get an idea what style looks good on my stubby body.  Thank God all three of us have good senses of humor because this place was a train wreck.  There was no one to help you, the dresses were dirty, there was not a single solitary one in my size, and the dressing room included a complimentary petty coat for you to try on which was found on the floor in the exact shape that it would have been left if someone pushed it off their body and walked away.  *Shudders*

It still ended up being pretty fun though because, well, it's still wedding dresses!  Even though most of them were either insanely too big for me, (and there were no magic clips  like at the next store), or they refused to zip over my boobs, they still had that magic thing that wedding dresses do where they make anyone look ten times prettier the second they put them on.  Also, my future mo-in-law got to see me in my underwear for the first time so that was fun.  My mom  did not enjoy the fact that I wore bright yellow underwear for the occasion, but it IS my wedding color after all!

One thing I did realize on that visit is that we all three had totally different tastes.  I liked anything with a waist band on it and Sandy did not because it cut my body off and made me even stubbier and my mom loved anything princessy and poofy while I felt like a cake topper who could barely move in those.  I started to think that this whole process was going to be pretty tricky.

A while later, my sister, mom, and I traveled to Bakersfield to try on dresses at Little White Dress Bridal Shop and had planned to go to one other shop.  It was the exact opposite experience than what we had at the local shop.  This place was adorable and everyone was so friendly and our lady had these magic clips that would hold the dresses as tight as physically possible and would make you look amazingly skinny and lovely.  The lady whom I called Magic Clip Lady the whole day asked me a bit about myself, figured out that I love Mod Cloth and Etsy and immediately picked out this dress for me that both Laura and I had disregarded.  We tried on tons of dresses, (and yes mom, I wore appropriate underwear this time!), and when it came time to try on Magic Clip Lady's choice, Laura slipped it over my head, zipped it up, and when we turned and looked at each other, we both teared up.  This was the one!

**Update:  since the wedding is now long over, here are some photos from that awesome day!!

Champs to celebrate the dress!

I don't know why I don't look this good in any of my wedding pics...I think it's the magic clips...


Saturday, April 24, 2010

All Hail the Bridesmaids!!

When I first started envisioning my wedding to Mike, even before we were officially engaged, I always said I didn't want to have bridesmaids.  It just seems like so much work and money for them so I figured that since we were having such a small wedding, we didn't need a wedding party.  Then Mike dropped the bomb on me that he HAD to have his three best friends, Scott, Brian, and Owen as groomsmen so I needed to have three on my side too.  It took about two milliseconds to choose my wedding party because they are the three women who know me the best, (besides my mom of course), and who are always the most excited for me when good things are happening.  I really think one of the true tests of friendships is who can be legitimately happy for you when you are happy.  So here are my fabu bridesmaids and maid of honor, (hereafter referred to as MOH):

The MOH is Laura Loo aka sissypoopants aka Loo Buckets. She's my sister, she's got angel hair, and she has freakishly tiny bones.

My first bridesmaid, (in no particular order), is Kristin aka K-Furg. She's been one of my best friends since 2nd grade, she's gorgeous in an unobnoxious way, and she's smarter than you.

My second bridesmaid is Vanessa aka V-Dog. She's been one of my best friends since we bonded over our hatred of PE and our love of oldies in junior high, we're basically the same person except I'm way paler, and she's got an insanely huge mouth, but in a not creepy and still pretty kind of way.

We've been sending e-mails back and forth, which has really made me feel like a's surreal..and we picked out their bridesmaids dress. 

They're all going to look so pretty in it, be comfy, and hopefully be able to wear it again.  Love it!  Thanks girls for being so awesome and thanks Nordstrom's for having a non-obnoxious yellow dress!  

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A rose by any other name...

So, we picked our wedding flowers!

I'm really enjoying Mike and my snap decision making during this whole wedding planning process.  For people who have a really hard time deciding what movie to watch and what to eat for dinner we are rock stars at choosing stuff for our wedding!

The other day, we walked into Walmart, (because we live in a town with no Target so it's not shameful), and I had the brilliant idea to check out the gardening section to look at all of the yellow flowers for inspiration.  After a couple of minutes we came across these:

The yellow ranunculus!  I was immediately drawn to the look of them.  I love that they are so delicate looking and kind of different, not totally traditional.  I keep describing them to people that they look like roses made of paper.  Mike loves them because he thinks the name sounds like redonkulous.  He's great.  

So I started googling wedding bouquets made out of these gorge yellow redonkulouses and found some really good inspiration.

So yes, we found our wedding flowers by walking into a Walmart and picking something that was for sale for like five bucks, but I'm still pretty excited about it.  

Any good florists in Northern CA have ideas???

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On a Wedding Invite High

This one is going to be a quick one.  I haven't posted much because A:  I'm busy and tired and B:  I'm lazy and have nothing to talk about.  And yes, I can be both of those things at the same time.  Wedding planning has been going along great minus a few mini freakouts and one color change which was reversed the next day. Last night I ordered our wedding invitations and RSVP cards and was so impressed with the service we received, I had to post a quick blog about it.

I ran across the site Wedding Paper Divas while doing research for my wedding planner certification and ordered a couple of samples to put on my inspiration boards.  I had really quick service from them the first time so I decided to check them out for my own wedding, (seriously, that is still really weird to say...this rock on my hand freaks me out every time I look at it).  Mike and I like to make snap decisions and go with our gut so after only a couple of times perusing the site, we decided on a simple and modern invite.  I finally bit the bullet last night after hemming and hawing over spending money on something and ordered them.  Not only did they give me free shipping because I left my order in my shopping cart so long they got nervous that I had died, (coincidentally, I have done this on more than one web site and never do it on purpose, but it always ends up getting me free shipping!), but I also had forgotten to put in a discount code to get 10% off so when I e-mailed them about it, they refunded me the eleven bucks I would have saved.  I just ordered them last night and I already got a proof today and my estimated shipping date is next week.  Basically, they ROCK.

I went back and forth about showing you guys my invites, but here is the one we've chosen so if you don't want the surprise ruined, (the four of you I'm actually inviting to my tiny, weird, little wedding), then don't scroll down!

The invites!  We love the soft yellow, the simplicity of the invitation and the cute font.  I'm a sucker for a simple/modern layout no matter what it's for!

And the RSVP cards!  I love the wording and design.  The only thing I didn't love about these cards is how little about the food you can fit on there because our food all has really long descriptions and I love how fancy our food sounds so I was bummed out that all I ended up fitting on there was new york steak, chicken, and halibut, but it would have been that way with most any RSVP cards, they are usually this size.

So we love them and I'm so excited how insanely ahead of the game we are so far with the wedding.  I'm sure I'll be eating those words come the first of next year, but I'm enjoying my cheap wedding invitation high right now!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

And the Wedding Journey Begins...

Welcome to the first of many wedding blogs by Not-So-Wedding-Planner extraordinaire Valerie.  Today, we're going to talk about inspiration.  The thing I've been struggling with the most as a bride/planner is knowing when a decision is "right."  This is a problem of mine not only with the wedding, but with life in general and it drives Mike insane.  How do you know you're right?  Isn't life black and white? And so on and so on.  The answer is, of course, no.  There are no right and wrong answers when it comes to stuff like wedding planning.  Okay, 2 tables + 4 tables = 6 tables, that is a right answer, but "should I do my wedding in black and white or black and pink?" has no correct answer.  That is my point.  Took me a while to get to it...whew!

When I first started planning the wedding, I spent a lot of time flipping through bridal magazines and browsing The Knot.  A couple of weddings stood out to me during my research and I was immediately drawn to the colors yellow, white, and gray.  Now I know the first thing that is going to pop into everyone's head when I say the color yellow is how much I've been complaining about the yellow walls all over my house.  I know I don't make sense and I'm a total flip flopper, but just go with it.

My all time favorite wedding inspiration came from a real wedding shown in The Real Simple Weddings magazine for 2010, (pretty expensive magazine at 10 bucks, but it only comes out once a year and it is totally worth it).  Here are a couple of pictures of their yellow and white wedding:

The things that stood out the most to me were the crispness of the colors, the simplicity of the decorations, and the comfortable, handmade feel of the entire event.  After looking at weddings like these and deciding a time of year for the event, (late April of 2011), Mike and I decided on yellow with accents of gray and white.

I think the most important thing I learned when making this decision is that you can find tons of weddings you fall in love with.  I love the pictures I posted of that yellow and white wedding, but our wedding is not going to look anything like it except for the color scheme.  You have to gain inspiration from pictures and be able to convert it to your own style and feeling.  Mike and I constantly verbalize what we want our wedding to feel like and it helps so much with the planning and decision making.