Sunday, June 29, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Just finished The Messenger and am now reading the first Harry Potter. Once a year, every summer, Mike and I re-read all the HPs and then watch the movies. Because we're nerds, but it's okay.

Writing: This blog post and and working on lookbooks for my styling clients.

Listening: To Mike watching soccer and eating grapes while the dogs nap with him.

Eating:  Nothing, but think I might go snag a nectarine from the fridge in a minute. Fun fact: I only eat rock hard fruits. I really hate mushy anything. Mike thinks it's disgusting.

Wishing/Hoping:  For my anxiety to lessen. I'm having not a great day today when it comes to anxiety. Unemployment issues online and talking about where to live/work/cars to buy. Ugh.

Wearing: A robe, I just got out of the shower.

Loving: That the US is doing so well in the World Cup. It's been so fun to watch and enjoy their story.

Wanting:  The usual - a job and some security. But also this amazing jumpsuit, this awesome Game of Thrones tee, and one of these amazing floral monograms in the letter G.

Needing: To get up and get ready to go to Mike's game.

Feeling: Tired and anxious.

Clicking:  Keaton Row making lookbooks, my client's Keep and Pinterest accounts, and USAjobs.


Friday, June 27, 2014

The Fails of Spring

Remember here when I talked about my ABCs of Spring? Well, it's Summer now technically so I'm looking back and realizing I did none of this shit.  Whoops. That's the problem with goals, right?

Here is what I said I wanted to do this Spring and what we actually did:

Annapolis (visit Annapolis more):  We only visited Annapolis once to celebrate our anniversary in May. We did find an awesome new bar on that trip so that was pretty successful. (My measurement system relies on booze, mostly)

Brewery (check out the brewery in Prince Frederick):  Didn't visit the local brewery. 

Celtic Festival (get Mike to take me to the Celtic festival):  Mike wouldn't go.

Dogs (take the dogs out more):  We did take a ton of dog walks and lay in the shade with Gizmo a lot. They haven't gone on any trips yet, but we are bringing them with us on our upcoming camping trip so we'll see how that goes.

Eat better:  HEY! I actually did okay at this! (Says the girl who had a bloody mary at 10am today)

Family (see my local family more):  We did good at this too! We've had quite a few visits with my dad and step-mom.

Get out more:  We've done okay with this, taking a lot of long walks by the water on the base and going out every Sunday to watch Mike play soccer.

Harbor (visit National Harbor):  Nope, didn't do that.

Internet Less:  N.O.P.E. That's all I ever do dude between editing, styling, and job searching. Also, googling interviews with the kids from Glee. All important stuff.

Jeans (get through the whole Spring without wearing stupid jeans):  I wore boyfriend jeans the other day, dammit. 

Keep it local (actually make it to the farmer's market):  We are awful at this. Just awful.

Laura & Brian (get them to visit us):  Nope, they hate us.

Mt. Vernon (visit and maybe take the dogs on dog day):  Nope.

Nationals (go to a Naitonals game):  Nope. Drove by it a bunch of times, does that count?

Outdoors (go for more hikes):  Nope, the last snake sighting scarred me for life. That thing was big.

Passport DC (tour the embassies):  Totally forgot this existed.

Quit being so lazy:  Ummmmm....I'm gonna say nope.

Running:  We have gotten better at cardio by running in between sets on weightlifting days, adding HIITs to cardio days when it's too hot to run, and doing hills on the treadmill on our lazy days. But we could definitely still be much better.

Spend more time focusing on positive things:  Yes! I'm totally doing this!! Well today I'm pretty down on myself about my job search, but more often than not I'm pretty positive.

Travel:  Not enough, but traveling costs money so I'll give myself an out on this one.

Unemployed no more:  NOPE. (Val sucks)

Virginia Wine:  Nope. I mean we've drank some, but haven't visited any wineries.

Work:  Kind of, part time unscheduled work which is better than nothing I guess.

X:  Seriously? What the hell do I use for this letter? To not have to get x-rays? X-tend the good weather?

Yoga:  Nope. I guess that answers the "be less lazy" question.

Zoo:  Nope! I miss you baby panda!

Soo....let's do better this summer Val!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Day in the Life of Gizmo

Hey Guys!

Since all my mom does right now is sit on the computer and style for clients while watching old episodes of Glee, I figured I'd take over for a day and show you what a day in my life is like.

(Spoiler:  it's mostly naps)

At 6:30, I wake my mom up by climbing on her chest and licking her until she gets out of bed.

Once mom gets out of bed, she feeds me and gives me my allergy pill (Maryland makes me itchy).

By 6:45, we're back in bed while mom drinks some coffee and I take my first nap of the day.

At 7:15, after mom has had enough coffee to move properly, we go for our first walk of the day.

By 7:30, mom is at the computer styling and I'm in my favorite spot taking my second nap of the day. (I look so good next to that red pillow, don't I?)

At 8:45, mom shares her breakfast with us. Human food!!

At 9:45, I get back in bed while mom showers and gets ready. I've gotta keep an eye on her all day, she could get lost, you know.

At 10:05, my brother and I start to wait by the door for dad to come home for lunch.

At 10:30, I get bored waiting for dad and take my third nap of the day.

At 11:30, dad comes home for lunch and shares his sandwich with us. This is where I always sit for prime food droppage opportunities.

After dad leaves, mom shares a popsicle with us. Yum.

At 12:30, mom takes us for our second walk of the day. I really hate wearing my harness, it makes me so sad.

After my walk, I take my fourth nap of the day, exhausted from the heat.

At 12:45, mom is styling again so I take my fifth nap of the day at my new favorite spot - the abandoned comforter on the floor.

At 1:45, mom's butt is numb from the office chair so we go out to the living room to watch some tv. This is my bed under the coffee table where I like to burrough.

At 3:45, I'm at my sixth nap or something, maybe seventh? Anyways, I'm napping again.

At 4:15, dad is home and I corgi attack mom while he they get ready for the gym. She looks miserable, but she loves it.

At 5:30, my parents finally come home from the gym and I get dinner and another allergy pill.

Then it's after dinner walk time!

At 6:30, I wait patiently for mom and dad to make their dinner. Fish and peppers? I can't have any of that! Selfish bastards.

At 7:30, after my parents finish dinner, I help dad ice his hurt knee. I'm really very helpful.

Then dad and I play with my squeaker toy. I'm really good at finding and destroying squeakers, it's kind of my thing.

At 9:00, I watch some soccer with my dad.

At 9:15, we take our last walk of the night.

At 9:30, it's bed time. And my day is over! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Saturday, Taking Pictures, & Other Stuff

I'm trying to be more present and on my phone less when I'm out doing things. Like, not whipping out my phone and taking photos of every meal I eat, no matter how pretty it happens to be. I end up with a lot less pictures of my day, but looking over at the table next to me at a fancy restaurant and seeing every girl sitting there with their faces pressed to their iPhone screen makes me really sad. I end up with less pictures for this blog, but it's worth it to actually be present in the moments. You know?

All this to say, we went to the awesome Historic St. Mary's Beer Fest on Saturday and I barely took any pictures. But it was great fun like always.

We:  went to the gym for the first time in two weeks (ouch), went to the Beer Fest, drank beer, ate a bunch of Indian food, drank more beer, Mike then ate a braut (which does not mix well in your stomach with Indian food FYI), left the Beer Fest and stopped to pick up some beers for home where I realized the liquor store had soft serve so I ran outside to get cash from Mike so I could get one because I'm basically a 7 year old, watched a soccer game at home, fell asleep, ate a weird dinner because we really need to go grocery shopping, found out Mike doesn't like grilled cheese sandwiches (divorce?), watched a bunch of episodes of House, went to bed.

It was a pretty great Saturday.

Here are the pictures I did take:

My date was super handsome.

Even on a gloomy day, this place is so damn pretty.

I tried to start my yearly, summer reading of HP, but fell asleep instead. Whoops.  Hashtag day drinking.

Tuffy did not appreciate sharing a pillow with me.

Gizmo is just happy to be a dog.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: Got an email this morning that the library has my digital copy of the 3rd Giver Quartet book ready so I'll start that today. Yay!

Writing: This blog post and e-mails to my styling clients and in a couple minutes, I need to start writing the grocery list.

Listening: To Mike playing his video game and the pugs walking around to find comfy beds to lay in.

Eating:  Only coffee so far, have to go make my shake in a minute.

Wishing/Hoping:  For my anxiety to lessen. I have been such an anxious wreck lately and it's annoying.

Wearing: Grey lounge pants and a blue racer back tank both from Forever 21.

Loving: That there is another US game today and that it's not going to be crazy hot and sunny during Mike's soccer games.

Wanting:  The usual - a job and some security. But also this ampersand necklace, these awesome sparkly shoes, and this adorable town home in Alexandria.

Needing: To get up and make my shake and get working on the grocery list.

Feeling: Tired and anxious.

Clicking:  Filing my webcert for unemployment, making lookbooks for clients through Keaton Row, Twitter,, and Amazon.

A couple other things...

Mike was home sick all week and I walked out one afternoon to find him and Tuffy lying like this. Just a couple of lazy pugs.

One of the best things about working from home? Mike bringing me espresso when the report is making me sleepy.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Comfy Dresses & Cute Necklaces

Lately I've noticed that my favorite outfits revolve around two things:  comfy dresses and cute necklaces. I guess I figure that as long as my accessories are special, it doesn't matter that I'm basically wearing pajama dresses? It seems to work so I'm going with it.

I snagged this dress on a super J.Crew Factory sale and it is just so damn cute, cheery, and comfy. I love it. i do need to get it hemmed so I can wear it with flats and not trip on my face though...

Dress:  J.Crew Factory
Necklace:  c/o DXMall
Shoes:  Dr. Scholl's
Side note: those Dr. Scholl's wedges are so g-damn comfortable, I cannot even explain how comfortable they are. It's amazing.

This dress is another J.Crew Factory find and it's basically a giant sweatshirt. Which is as comfortable as it sounds.

Dress:  J.Crew Factory
Necklace:  c/o DXMall
Shoes:  Bamboo via Amazon
Sunburn: lack of foresight and intelligence

I wore this outfit the other day when I had to spend a couple hours at an unemployment seminar teaching me how to job search and write a resume (cough cough not helpful cough cough). I wanted to be comfortable, but still cute and this dress is usually the first thing I reach for in those situations, but I also didn't want to show the large amount of cleave that this dress usually presents. My super cute new bib necklace covered that right up and added some color to the outfit. Perfect!

Dress:  Forever21
Necklace:  c/o DXMall
Sandals:  Forever21

In case you've never ordered from DXMall, these necklaces are all super cute and good quality. The first and last run about six bucks and the middle only about eleven which are great prices for statement necklaces like these. The middle necklace is lighter than it looks and made of plastic, but doesn't look cheap. I would definitely recommend DXMall for jewelry, you can find great, trendy pieces at super low prices.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Things I Don't Like

When I'm browsing Pinterest while on the toilet and come upon something that looks really tasty. That's just weird and wrong (because I'm on the toilet) (I'm gross)


This whole "related pin" thing on Pinterest. I'm very picky about who I follow on Pinterest, I don't want random stuff popping up. I'm also inclined to think this is, in some way, an ad right?

Fangirling. I saw someone compliment a famous person's nail beds on Instagram today. NAIL BEDS. Also the whole "where did you get that" of everything any blogger or famous person posts is just the worst. Especially when it's tagged in the picture or links to the blog post that would tell you. Take 30 seconds to think before you fangirl all over that person's face, k?
I dunno, I think it bugs me because it often sounds like the fangirls don't like their own likes/homes/lives as they obsess over everything these bloggers/famous chicks do. They are normal people too guys, it's not THAT exciting to have long nail beds. Calm down.

People that use the following hashtags:  #blessed #paleo #cleaneating #glutenfree #whole30 #fitisthenewskinny
Stop it.


That Altidore got hurt the other night. Not only does that suck for the team, but it sucks for me too because I like lookin' at him.

People who leave trash outside the trash compactor at my apartment complex because they are too lazy to open the door and shove it in.


The fact that we haven't been to the gym in over a week and I therefore feel super sleepy and lazy.


How short my attention span is while working. I can only read the words "obsidian flakes" so many times before my eyes glaze over. Which you know, is not great for a tech writer/editor. (I pull it together boss lady, I swears)

My attention span is generally evidenced by how many selfies I take a day.

Didn't this blog post make you feel all positive and warm and fuzzy?

You're welcome.