Sunday, May 3, 2020

Happy Things

So.....things are pretty nuts right now, no? As a person with constant anxiety, I don't feel TOO different then normal, but I've been doing a semi-good job of not allowing myself to get too wrapped up in the whole awfulness of politics and Covid 19 and everything. I did get way too upset about a dumb social media interaction this week and the fact that our mailman is refusing to deliver our packages and lying about it, but ya' know...I'm doing okay.

One of the things I'm trying to do right now is focus on positive things more...not rocket science, but it helps. First, since I'm now unemployed (again), I take time in the morning after I wake up to sit in bed with my dogs and read while I drink my coffee. I open up the blinds so I can see our new bird feeder and the sun and it's been really great for my mental health rather than spending the morning reading Reddit and feeding my anxiety. Some great books I've read lately are:

Chase Darkness With Me

Twenty-one Truths About Love

The Glass Hotel
The Fifth Season
Mike and I have been going on daily walks which really helps and I feel so so lucky that our weather has been so gorgeous. If it was snowing this whole time, Mike would have lost it a month ago. Since we do nothing but hang out with each other, we kiiinda ran out of things to talk about, so we listen to the Fake Doctors Real Friends podcast and it makes us laugh out loud and distracts us from all the nonsense.

Another positive distraction I'm newly obsessed with is photographer Jamie Beck's Instagram ( She's been posting a new photograph every day and they are absolutely gorgeous and she shows in her stories exactly how she got the shot. It's inspiring and brings a little beauty into every day. You can also buy posters of her art here. These are a few of my favorites:

Another little bit of joy in my days is our new bird feeder and wild animal food for our local squirrels. This has become such a cliche in the time of isolation, but I'm okay with it! We got two bird feeders at Home Depot and special food for the squirrels because they kept eating the bird food. It's super entertaining and I've of course named the squirrels (Ralph and Minny). Ralph is getting a little too brave and now comes onto the patio and gets realllly close to me when I feed him so we may need to talk about boundaries, but it makes my day when the animals come by.

Minny relaxing in our tree

Last, but not least, something that brings us a lot of joy is that we set up a little game area in the common grass part of our apartment. We put out our white trash tennis set (the ladder game whose name we can't remember) and cornhole. We go out and play sometimes and we've seen other people using it. Every time someone else uses it, we get SO excited. It's nice to give people who can't leave the property something fun to do!

What are some things keeping you positive during this shitshow of a year?

Friday, May 1, 2020

Pinspiration - Emma Watson at Wimbledon

Hello! I am in a foul mood today so I decided to do something that is distracting and makes me happy. Hence, a new pinspiration post!

Emma Watson wore this super cute outfit to Wimbledon in 2018 and it spawned a series of photos of her taking her seat in front of Tom Holland and his dad who are 100% trying to look like they aren't freaking the deak out, which makes me love it even more:


Here is a better photo of said super cute outfit:
Here is my recreation with pieces you can purchase now!

I went a little more casual with my recreation, mostly because I cannot stand white heels, but also because this look felt perfect for a little more casual of a day. I would wear it as a tourist somewhere warm or for a day walking (and drinking) around San Diego. Oh man, I can't wait until we can leave this house...

I went faux leather on all the accessories, but there are TONS of options for both pieces if you're not set on shopping vegan. You could even go full Meghan Markle and get these sandals that are dreamy, but super pricey. I also would love to wear some colorful shoes with this look to add a little personality, but the book clutch does a pretty great job of that.

Would you guys wear this? If so, where?