Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgivings Past

Today, Facebook did one of those "memories" things that they do, reminding you of a post of yours from years past (I love that they do that, by the way) and it blew my mind that the post was five years old. It was FIVE years ago that we were at my sister's for Thanksgiving? Have we really been out of California for three years now? Three?! Man, time flies. I know this makes me sound old, I'm okay with it.

So, on that note (sort of), I thought it'd be fun to look at some Thanksgivings past because you know I've got 800 photos them somewhere.

2007!! Our first Thanksgiving together. We were living in Chico and decided to stay and celebrate alone. And promptly got hammered on a bottle of wine and went to bed early. We look like we're twelve here.

2009! We drove to Santa Rosa and had Thanksgiving at the Way's house. Bradley helped me decorate that pie and it was delicious.

2010! We drove to Laura's and had a tasty dinner and an eventful wine tasting experience. Gizmo also yacked ALL over my mom on the car ride. I blogged about it here.

2011! We combined families and had a delicious, non-traditional meal. We ran in the turkey trot which was my first 5k ever. We took epic, random photos on the lawn including the shoving match shown above (my favorite photo ever). Gizmo and Winston played for DAYS.

2012! I didn't take any photos. We were getting ready to move away the day after Thanksgiving to Maryland and I don't remember anything about it except we were totally dream crushing our family and stressing about our move. I'm sure it was lovely though...

2013! Our first Thanksgiving on the East Coast. We celebrated with a trip to my Dad's where Mike and Monica baked up a storm and then we spent the night at an awesome B&B and had a super tasty dinner. (Don't eat the foam). I blogged about it here.

2014! We literally can't remember what we did. I'm sure Monica cooked. We have no idea.

2015! Our first Thanksgiving in Denver, we decided to celebrate alone with a giant meal, lots of boozing, lots of reading, and just being giant lazy bags. It was awesome. Mike made a Southern feast, we watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and it snowed the whole day.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


It's cheesy, it's stupid, but it's true. I am supremely thankful this Thanksgiving. Not just for the delicious handmade biscuits my husband just served me, or the beautiful sight of snow falling outside my window, but for the fact that as the years pass, they keep getting better and better. I'm thankful because I can look behind me and see despair and hopelessness and know that it wasn't true; that things do indeed always get better, I get better. I'm just so lucky in so many ways and happy and thankful and cheesy and stupid.

I'm thankful for...

(this is a photo HEAVY post you guys, be prepared)

Him. The him I thought would never come. The him that gets better every day/month/year and who gives me exactly what I need in a friend, husband, and partner in crime. Oh man, this guy.

Family. No two ways about it, they're a stone cold pack of weirdos, but they're always there for us no matter what I wouldn't trade them in the for the world.

(I'm sorry Jason, I love this picture so much)

You guys, I couldn't find a single normal photo of us...

Friends. I don't like many people in general and I consider our friends a close tribe of caring, giving, supreme weirdos who I couldn't live without. No matter what we go through or how far away we move from each other, the second we're together, it's like we've never been apart. I can't believe how long we've all been friends and how many amazing memories we have together. 

The Pups. I can't even talk about the pups without getting weepy. They're my first babies and I love them to pieces. They make my day better just by coming home and being greeted by them and they're just so damn cute and loving.

I'm also thankful for cheese.

The end.