Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bathroom Photos = Outfit Photos Right?

I started taking outfit photos again! Sort of. Here & Now inspired me to look at my clothing and if I don't wear it now and can't restyle it various ways, I need to get rid of it. So I'm going to go through my closet and work on that before I buy more shit. Oh, but I love buying shit. Sigh.

I felt very mod in this outfit all day. I've only worn this dress once before; to an interview that went super well and then they didn't hire me. Because, that's life, right?
Dress - Cynthia Rowley via TJMaxx or someplace like that, Similar
Sweater - Uniqlo
Necklace - JCrew, Similar

This outfit was inspired by a pin that I now can't find, but she did it better.
Dress - Target, Similar
Scarf - Target
Cardigan - JCrew
Booties - Saks Off Fifth, Also here

This mumu-esque look was in honor of me eating a buttload of cheesecake at work. And also, just wanting to be comfy.
Top - Loft, Similar
Leggings - Saks Off Fifth

I bought three sweater dresses from Target last winter that I have worn over and over and it was seriously a great investment. This dress is not forgiving though, if I quit Orange, I'm going to need to invest in some Spanks to wear this puppy.
Dress - Target, Similar 
Boots - I have no idea, honestly. Similar (and cuter)

My excuse for this lazy outfit was that I had to work 11:00am to 8:00pm and then had an Orange class at 8:00pm and didn't want to change at work, but really, I'm lazy, right?
Top - Fabletics
Pants - Nike
Shoes - Nike
Sweatshirt - Work and unzipped so you can't read where I work so I can keep cursing on here.

I rarely wear this sweater because it's an opposite mullet - shorter in back than front. No one wants to see this girl's tramp stamp during winter. Or ever really. High waisted jeans to the rescue!
Sweater:  Banana Republic, Similar
Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet, Similar
Flats: Target (so effing comfy, I rave over these shoes)
Scarf:  J.Crew, Similar

My favorite outfit of the bunch. I own more cardigans than anyone rightfully should and I don't wear them nearly enough. This one is ooooold, but good.
Cardigan:  no idea, Similar
Tee:  Ann Taylor
Jeans:  J.Crew Factory
Shoes:  Converse
Necklace:  Forever21

This outfit is cuter in person, I swear. The dress is actually pretty sexy, I pulled it up for less cleavage in the photo) and I paired it with a chunky sweater to comfy it up for work, but still be sexy enough for date after work.
Dress:  Banana Republic Outlet, Similar
Sweater:  Urban Outfitters, Similar
Booties:  Saks Off Fifth, Also here
Necklace:  Denver Flea, Similar

All of this week, I had to wear a uniform for restaurant training, so I can't wait to come back next week with some more (hopefully) cute outfits to torture you with!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Want It Wednesday

It's still technically Wednesday! I'm watching Vanderpump Rules online while Mike sleeps! Here's what I want this Wednesday!

Pug T-Shirt
This pug shirt (duh)

A balcony with a black rocking-chair and a brown wooden bench with wall panel and shelves.:
One of our new patios decorated like this

11oz zero fox given Coffee Mug Zero Fox Given Mug | Funny Coffee Mug | Fox Mug | Zero Fox Coffee Mug | Funny Mug | Unique Mug | Birthday | Christmas:
This mug.
Raw Diamond Cluster Ring by Blair Lauren Brown Jewelry | Rings |
This ring, because swoon.

Daniel Boulud’s Chicken Tagine by Sam Sifton - Among NY Times' Top 20 Most Popular Recipes of 2014:
This for dinner.

Lake City, Colorado National Historic District | Colorado Lifestyle | colorful colorado | moutains | colorado photography | Colorado love | Colorado Camera Club | The Mile High City | Denver | Schomp BMW:
A day trip here.

FRIHETEN Sofa bed - Skiftebo dark gray - IKEA:
This sofa bed, because I'm almost 100% sure this is the one we slept on all last weekend and it was COMFY.

Life Lately

Hey I'm back! Was I gone? Who cares.

So what's been going on? Mike had a birthday and I didn't take any photos, but we had cake and a fancy dinner at Rioja  and he used some birthday money to buy a pasta maker which is really a present to me too, when you think about it.

He also got the new guitar hero which is too hard for me to play because I'm an idiot and why did they take away the color coded buttons?!

It snowed a bunch. 

I cut even more of my hair off and love it even more. Can you be addicted to cutting off your hair?

I was in a really bad mood before my haircut and then walked in to the salon and this little lady was staring up at me. Mood fixed!

We binge watched Hobbit Appendices and drank cocktails, like g-damn adults (nerds).

Then I had a birthday! Mike made my all time favorite cheesecake and people at work gave me shit all day for bringing my own cake instead of having them buy me one and then they ate it and were like OH RIGHT THIS IS GOOD. 

Mike got me this super cute wallet and I'm so proud of his awesome color choices (it's more mint in real life)

We celebrated my birthday by flying to Northern CA and visiting two of our favorite people and their new little baby. I took barely any photos because I was having too much fun and also O would mock me if I took photos of my food like a basic B. We spent most of our time lounging in leggings, squishing the baby, eating L's amazing cooking (she made me a skillet cookie for my birthday that I might have to marry), visiting the Disney museum, driving around, and just enjoying our friends. It was perfect.

We thought a late flight the night before would save us a travel day, and then the flight was delayed until midnight and it blew. Our pouty faces are attractive, no?

O&L's dog has human eyes and he's the weirdest, sweetest little thing ever.

And this baby? Baby fever times one thousand engage, folks.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Pups

Because your husband got a new lens for his birthday and your dogs are ridiculously cute per usual.

And the next series is called the evolution of a makeout session with a corgi...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Typical Saturday Night

A typical Saturday night at our household:

A quick debate about whether or not to watch each Hobbit movie first and then the behind the scenes bits or the behind the scenes first. We decided behind the scenes, then the movie, repeat.

Mike announces partway through that it's time to go to bed because he's tired. He looks at me and whispers creepily, "8:30 to bed, playa playa!"

"The playa playa is what proves we go hard." he tells me later.

So true, babe.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

I just realized I never really blogged about Thanksgiving! I talked about it a bit here, but it deserves it's own post, I think.

Thanksgiving this (last?) year was pretty dang great. We decided to spend it alone and have Mike cook a giant themed meal and to just lay around all day in comfy clothes and watch holiday movies. Mike chose a Southern Thanksgiving as his theme because of all the Chef's Life we've been binge watching. I love this show, but it does make you absolutely starving every time you watch it.

Check it out here.

We started the day with Bloody Mary's and beignets. Which is a pretty damn good way to start any day, I think. 

SO, Mike made: homemade biscuits from Kevin Gillespie's cookbook, collard green's from Carla Hall, hoppin' John (I'm not 100% sure which recipe he used, but it was inspired from this episode), pork chops from our favorite local butcher Western Daughters, and bourbon pecan pie with a homemade crust (the crust had lard in it, so yeah, it was good). His meal turned out just straight up DELICIOUS.

And those are all the photos I took because I spent the rest of the day stuffing my gullet, watching Christmas movies, and hanging out with my little family. It was one of the most relaxing and tasty Thanksgivings ever.

And! We ate the hoppin John and collard greens leftovers for dinner the rest of the week with a fried egg on top and, oh man,so good.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

This Sunday Currently

I haven't done one of these in forever and it is Sunday after all, so why not?

Currently I am...

Reading: In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin - I love Erik Larson's books because I'm not usually a fan of non-fiction, but the way he writes is so intriguing that it's hard to believe it's true. What to Expect Before You're Expecting because trying to get pregnant really sucks. It just does.

Writing: This and other blog posts and that's it.

Listening: Hobbit Appendices (behind the scenes) because we are binge watching them and I know that makes us super nerdy, but we love it.

Thinking: That Mike probably just burnt the garlic for dinner...whoops.

Smelling:  Mike's red sauce that he's making for dinner. He's using this recipe and I can't wait.

Wishing: That my g-damn cough would go away and that I had lost some weight before our upcoming trip. Oh, and that I would flipping get pregnant already.

Hoping: TO GET PREGNANT. Bit of a one track mind, eh? I'm also hoping that we get the apartment we want and that the nasty old snow melts soon.

Wearing: Black leggings and a grey t-shirt. It's hot as hell in this little apartment.

Loving: That we had so many days off lately and that we have a trip coming up!

Wanting:  This book (I've loved this series so far!), this sweater because it's so playful, this amazing ring for my right hand, and this dress for work tomorrow with some booties, 

Needing: To be more positive, to put away all my clothes from Christmas, and to do my hair for work tomorrow.

Feeling: Sore from finally working out after being sick so long.

Clicking: Some other blogs and some sales.


My mom and sister came for Christmas this year and it was obviously super fun. We had high tea one day and were very fancy and appropriate, as you can tell.

Tuffy found the company exhausting.


It's the end of the year and I have a blog, therefore this kind of post is required. Duh.

2015! You're over! I'm kind of sad and kind of glad. You were good and then bad and then good again and then kind of meh. That's every year though really isn't it?

We began the year living with my dad and step-mom to save money while we figured out where we were going to move for our DC jobs. It was freezing and gloomy, Mike did a ton of cooking, we both did a ton of drinking, the dogs were in giant backyard and all day grandpa naps heaven, and we hated our commute.

It snowed a lot and was freakin' crazy cold.

We moved! Again! This time to Denver. One year, I will have an end of the year blog post that doesn't involve us moving to another state. Maybe.

We love it here! Sunshine, beer, food, hikes, short commute, happy people, tons of's been good to us so far.

We celebrated four years of marriage by porking out at BruFrou and I still can't believe he's put up with me for four years.

I joined Orange Theory and actually really love it. The walks home after weekend classes are some of my favorite moments; I love walking around here.

I chopped my hair off and didn't cry about it once.

I went to Louisiana for work and it was miserably humid, but pretty and fun most of the time and there is a CROCODILE IN THERE AND NO ONE CARED THAT IT WAS GETTING OUT AND THERE WAS A KID NEARBY, WTF PEOPLE?!

The dogs are enjoying all the extra walks they get here because it's so sunny and the onsite dog park. They are not enjoying the noisy neighbors.

Mike cooked and baked his ass off this year and I ain't complaining.

Fall was gorgeous...I mean SERIOUSLY look at those leaves.

We took a trip to San Diego to visit my best friends and my new, perfect niece.

My sister got engaged!

We had the best flippin' Thanksgiving ever.

My mom and sister came for Christmas and it snowed which was freezing, but pretty.

The End. See ya' later 2015!