Monday, August 26, 2013

Over The Weekend

I'm so sad the weekend is over already.  I'm sleepy.  Mondays are the worst.  Etc.

This weekend we...

Friday after work I came home to this waiting on the kitchen table.  Which not only meant yay wine and my husband rocks, but also that we got to ditch running.  The best news ever.

Saturday, we went to the gym and ran some errands and then headed off to the beach for a picnic, some beers, and sun.  We walked along the water and collected shells and for once there were no jelly fish so I got to actually go in the water to cool off.  We played catch so Mike wouldn't get bored and laid in the sand and read our books.  It was lovely.

Then we headed off to Blue Wind Gourmet for some more beers (because it's Saturday, so why not) where I "accidentally" got a little drunk and ended up at Target...drunk.  Where I got lost and couldn't find Mike and finally turned around to find him standing at the end of an aisle shaking his head at me in embarrassment.  When I caught up with him, I said, "At least I was playing it cool when I was lost" and mimed me walking around nonchalantly with my hands in my pockets.  Which for some reason made us laugh so hard I started crying.  It was a pretty good Target trip.

Sunday, we went for a run, grabbed lunch at Chipotle where we made life plans sealed with high-fives (the only way your plans are really official is with a high-five), and then headed off to my work.  It's a long story, but I work in what was once an old house and the upstairs kitchen is gross and we don't have people that work there with the time to properly scrub that thing down.  So Mike did it.  And it's sparkly now.  Of course.  That guy, I swear. He's the best.  I read my book the whole time.  I'm helpful.

Afterwards, Mike got a headache because of the massive amounts of bleach it took to clean that joint so we relaxed in our pjs and watched soccer and bad movies.

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The next time I feel myself getting caught up in the stress or frustration of a work day, I need to be reminded that areas like the one below are just a few steps away and around the corner are the cute little otters who swim up to the glass every time I walk up.  I should count myself lucky to be surrounded by beauty even on the worst of work days.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mind Ya' Business

How I feel today. 
That is all.
(But I love you guys)

Friday, August 16, 2013

What I Wore - Tshirt and Jewels

I am constantly seeing really cute outfit posts like these on on Pinterest where someone perfectly combines a casual t-shirt with a statement necklace.  I am not generally awesome at pulling off casual cool looks like these because I'm short and curvy and I end up looking kind of schlumpy.  But for today's casual Friday, I kept staring at my Turbine shirt hanging in my closet and thinking, "Yessss I can do this!"  I have lofty goals for myself, guys.'s my attempt at casual cool.  It's still a little schlumpy, but maybe that's my thang.

Side Note:  Turbine recently played at the museum where I work and they are the coolest, nicest, least-annoying New York hipster types ever.  Check them out here.

T-shirt:  Turbine
Jeans:  Gap
Shoes:  Gift, Converse via Amazon
Necklace:  Jewelmint

Sorry for the awkward photos...I haven't done this in a while.

AND if you are my boss and happen to be reading this, yes these photos were taken at work, but they were after 4:30.  Promise. :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Typical Interaction With My Husband

When talking about Zoey D's character Jess on New Girl:

Me:  "She's annoying, but you still love her.  Like me!"

Mike:  "Babe, don't be dumb."

Me:  "What?"  [Thinking he is saying I shouldn't call myself annoying.  Awww so sweet!]

Mike:  "No one loves you."


Sunday, August 11, 2013


So I had a thought the other day while watching The Bachelorette.  That show and The Bachelor is filled with people constantly saying they're looking for someone who is into adventure.  They have to run off at a moments notice, be spontaneous, live in the moment, and on and on. Spontaneous is seriously one of the most overused words on those shows.  And I started to feel kind of bad about myself.  Let's not even get into how tiny all the girls' thighs are on that show.  JESUS.  Or the fact that semi-hot guys are falling in love with this chick in like two week's time.  That does not happen to me.  But really, the spontaneity crap started to get to me.  Am I that boring?  Should my choice of mate have been decided by the most spontaneous guy around?

And then I had the aforementioned thought.  These chicks and semi-hot dudes are obsessed with finding a mate who will run off and live in the moment because they have never been in a committed, stable relationship.  They think spontaneity is the best thing ever and normalcy is boring.  I opened up my lunch bag the other day at work and Mike had made me a sandwich.  And he kept every ingredient separate so it didn't get soggy.  Bread in one bag, lettuce and tomato in another, and bacon in its own.  And I thought, this is not spontaneity.  This is not running off in a moment's notice.  This is some boring, old married stuff.  And I love it.  And I feel bad for those people searching for some crazy romantic life they think they can get.  Because I have a boring old b.l.t. packed with love by my boring old husband and it's truly the best.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

In Case My Foot Falls Off

A couple of days ago while working outside I got a bunch of bug bites.  That's pretty normal.  I could stand in a room with 5 other people filled with mosquitoes and be the only one who gets bitten.  And the bites are always bad on me; big and itchy and turn into bruises.  So I didn't worry about the bites all over my feet and ankles.  And then Friday, I worked at the Bad Company concert on my feet for about 12 hours.  And my right foot blew up.  I looked down at one point and thought, "Huh, when did I get a cankle?"  And I stared at it and moved it around and realized, that is not my foot.  Something is weird about that foot.  Oh yeah, it's HUGE now.

 So it hurt and it sucked and it's getting better, but it's still pretty gross.  So in honor of my giant fat foot that may or may not eventually fall off, here are the top 10 things my feet have ever done for me:

1) Walked me down the aisle.  AND made it through the night in pretty dern uncomfortable shoes.

2)  Went out from underneath me so I fell on my ass on the sidewalk in front of Mike back when I was 17.  If this were a romantic comedy, that would have been the moment we fell in love or something, but really it's just a funny memory that we have from before we were together.  Skinning my knees on the street, drunk, in a jean dress.  That's your wife now Mike...congrats.

3)  Learned to drive.  And drove me from Ridgecrest to San Luis Obispo to Bakersfield to New Jersey to Chico to Maryland.  I may be an awful driver, but at least I've gone places.

4)  Traveled like a champ.  Those little feet walked around London for a week and countless DC trips without so much as a blister. And they never wore ugly tennis shoes once.  Way to do it like a non-tourist, feet.  You rock.

My feet at the British Museum

5)  Ran and hiked.  I hate working out...a lot.  So thanks feet for carrying my lazy, fat ass around on runs and hikes so I could burn some of my cheese calories and feel a little better about myself.

We have matching hiking shoes, we're obnoxious

6)  Are the world's most average size.  I mean, I'm guessing here, but I have never not been able to find my size of shoes available.  My mom's super tiny feet and some of my friends' giant feet are always struggling to find shoes, but my size 7s?  Always in stock.

7)  Made it through my last Vegas trip in sexy shoes as the only person who didn't have to change and/or didn't get blisters either night.  This is a stupid thing to be proud of, but I've got to hold onto ANYTHING I do better than Mike, it so rarely happens.

8)  Provided countless hours of entertainment and obnoxious Instagram photos while I'm waiting for Mike to shop or pee or both.

9)  You wear my Sperry's.  I mean, that's an important job. Without feet, I'd have no excuse to keep buying Sperry's.

10)  And sometimes you let yourself get swept off in the best possible way.

So thanks feet.  I hope you don't fall off later today...