Monday, June 10, 2019


Every year, my mom, sister, and I make reading goals on Goodreads for how many books we want to read that year. This year, I made mine 40 and I'm crushing it so far (if I do say so myself). I've been so enjoying some of the books I've read recently so I wanted to share them here. Book nerds, unite!!

Here are a few of my top favorites:

Manhattan Beach was really beautifully written and made me sad to leave the story. Definitely not an upper, but it's a great story and the characters feel real.

Next Level Basic - you can give me shit for loving this one all you want, but it was actually really fun and surprisingly really empowering. Like whatever you like and don't apologize for it!

The Silent Patient - finally a book with a believable twist! The ultimate quick read whose ending you probably won't guess, I sure didn't.

Code Name Lise - it took me a bit to get into this one, but once I did, I couldn't put it down. This woman was so inspirational. I love that the author wrote her truthfully; she was flawed, but insanely brave and kick ass. And also, next time I complain about something, remind me that I've never had all my toenails pried off without SAYING A PEEP.

Daisy Jones & The Six - this book was so well written and the characters so believeable, that I kept wanting to google the band like it wasn't a piece of fiction. I immediately checked out a book by the same author because I loved this one so much.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo - same author as the book above and just as good a book. Oh man, I love how she writes people. You want to hug them, slap them, and be them all at once. And borrow their wardrobes...

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone - this book made me cry a couple times and ultimately made me want to try even harder in therapy.

Sleeping Beauties - I have obnoxiously sung the praises of this book to everyone in my family and I don't care! It's so good! Go read it! 

What books are you guys reading right now?

Thursday, May 30, 2019


I haven't blogged in a month because I got a job, but I don't feel like working today (employee of the month over here, folks) and miss talking about myself on the internet, so I'm getting back into it with my favorite lazy post...

Currently I am...

Reading: I'm so excited to be reading Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered! I put in a request at my library the second I heard they wrote a book, so I actually got it the day it came out. It's so good! I'm also reading Maybe You Should Talk to Someone and the summer tradition of reading all the Harry Potters has officially started, so I'm on the first one.

Writing: Emails, my daily grateful list to my mom and sister, and Skype chats with coworkers.

Listening: To my coworkers aka the dogs snoring and old MFM podcasts.

Thinking: That I hate waiting around to go to the gym because of Mike (get it together, buddy!), that I need a new happy tv show to watch while I do mindless tasks, and that I need to get motivated to work today.

Smelling:  The remains of this morning's coffee.

Wishing: That I wasn't PMSing and that I was better at fitting cardio into my schedule.

Wearing: No one should be shocked that I'm wearing workout clothes...hashtag working from home...Old navy grey workout leggings, a tank from my favorite neighborhood brewery Green Mountain, and a sweatshirt from Walmart. I'm thrifty! Oh yeah and colorful Nike tennis shoes.

Loving: That I am not in an office on days where I'm demotivated, all the books I'm currently reading, and that this was a short week.

Wanting:  This bathing suit for an upcoming trip to Hawaii, this outfit to wear to the brewery on Saturday while we watch the soccer game, this tattoo with some color highlights, this for lunch, and this house because I love the area it's in and will never be able to afford it in real life.

Needing: For Mike to hurry up so we can go to the gym and to finish my project I'm working on at work.

Feeling: Sleepy, anxious (always), and antsy.

Clicking: gmail, Goodreads,, Outlook, and all my work sites.


So happy it's green and pretty here! That was a lonnnnggg winter, folks.

Emma and Gizmo snuggling gives me so many feels.

Thursday, April 25, 2019


Currently I am...

Reading: I'm a few pages away from finishing The Skeleton Crew, just finished (and unashamedly loved) Next Level Basic, and am about to start Code Name: Lise.

Writing: Emails and notes on work shiz.

Listening: To Mike getting dinner ready and the dogs running around.

Thinking: That I'm happy I made it through my work trip and my first full day of work with little to no stress!

Smelling:  Dude, it's me again? I just went for a run and I smell musty!

Wishing: That it was a couple weeks in the future and I was awesome at my job already. Also, that I was better at running.

Wearing: Old Navy blue and black flowered workout leggings, Target black workout shirt, and Asics running shoes.

Loving: That the weather is so great here right now and everything is finally getting green! Also that we saw three fluffy little owls on our run.

WantingThis backyard, these booties, this super cute house, and to already be showered and in my pjs because I'm lazy.

Needing: To take a shower before dinner and plan my outfit for tomorrow.

Feeling: Sleepy, hungry, and anxious.

Clicking: gmail, Blogger, comparison shopping food delivery services for while Mike is gone (I went with Green Chef), and work stuff.


These two lazy bums make me very happy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dance It Out

In case you need something to Grey's Anatomy style dance some shit out, I recommend this immediately:

Monday, April 15, 2019

Fun Fact

Fun fact: I 100% dropped my cell phone in the toilet yesterday. I forgot it was in my back pocket, pulled down those skinny jeans, and heard a thud. Took me way too long of a beat to realize that thud was my damn phone. Cue me crouching, with my pants down, on the floor of the bathroom to frantically dry off my phone.

Samsung was not kidding about their phones being waterproof though, cause she's fine.


(Also, it was clean water, in case you needed to know that.)

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Currently I am...

Reading: Alright, I gave up on Outline. I got halfway through and it was just too dense for me and I didn't care about anyone in the book. I am officially not as intellectual as Natalie Portman. No one is shocked. I finished The Homecoming on our trip and now I'm reading Under the Dome.  

Writing: My daily grateful email to my mom and sister, updating my LinkedIn and Facebook to show that I got a job (woohoo!), and this blog post.

Listening: To our scanner trying to figure out how to scan a damn document, but can't quite do it, my fingers on the keyboard, and that's it. The dogs are in bed asleep and Mike is at his Sunday soccer game.

Thinking: That I'm glad I finally got a job, but am also super nervous about it!

Smelling:  Myself. Is that weird? I just worked out, so.....

Wishing: That everything will work out with the new job and that I will get my scanner to work.

Wearing: Old Navy blue and black flowered workout leggings, Nike sneakers, a black long sleeved workout top, and a white sweater on top because it's chilly in here. 

Loving: That Mike woke me up early so we could get our Red Rocks workout in and have breakfast before his soccer game.

Wanting:  This purse/fanny pack for my next European vacation, this outfit to wear to the winery today, these CBD gummies that I finally bit the bullet and ordered to show up soon, this for dinner, and this book that I have on hold at the library to come in.

Needing: To scan my offer letter back to my new boss, to go shower and get ready for my day, and to drink more water.

Feeling: Excited, nervous, sleepy, and happy.

Clicking: gmail, CBD gummies websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Goodreads


So pleased that my library volunteer card mentions cheese. 

It's my sister's birthday today! She's the best!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Packing for Paris

We recently returned from our trip to Paris and trust me, I'll be posting a ton of photos about our trip, but first I wanted to share what I packed.

Packing for this trip was harder than others because I felt some extra pressure to not look like a gross American tourist because, well, it's PARIS! Also, I'm always a bad packer in this weather because it's not hot, not cold, it's all about layering and is unpredictable. I struggle with that. All in all, I think I did pretty well, although I didn't stick with all my planned outfits. I had the intentions to wear my Rothy's sneakers most of the trip, but my feet got pretty swollen with all the walking we did and they weren't comfortable with puffy feet. I will say, I'm glad we didn't wear ugly tourist shoes, but we could have worn a little more comfortable shoes for sure. I didn't get any blisters, which is honestly the goal, but my feet HURT. So bad. Like I teared up at one point. Doing 30k steps a few days in a row will do that to you.

For my travel outfit out there, I wanted to be comfortable since we were taking a red eye and I was hoping to sleep, but I didn't want to look like I was in my pajamas when we landed in Paris. I also wanted to layer so I could stay warm on the plane.

Shop the look here

Some of these aren't the exact pieces I wore, but it's pretty dang close. The American Giant joggers are super comfy and my Rothy's were easy to slip on and off in security and on the plane. My actual Harry Potter sweater is by Neena Creates on Etsy, but it's so old, she doesn't have the exact one anymore. 

So, we landed, took a taxi to our hotel, showered, got ready, and headed out for a busy half day in Paris! This is what I wore:

Shop the look here
Again, not my exact pieces since pretty much everything I own is too old to still be online. I've got to give a ton of credit to my trusty Chucks, because they took a beating this trip! I wore the same no show socks I linked to in the first look and I cannot recommend them enough. They literally don't slip ever, even after more than 30,000 steps.

Day two, we were going to do a cheese tasting and had breakfast reservations so I wanted to be cute with room for food, here's what I wore:

Shop the look here
Not gonna lie, I was pretty cold in the morning in this outfit, but thankfully it warmed up.

Day 3 I needed to change up my shoes because youch and I wanted to be a little warmer since the day before I was pretty chilly. Here is what I wore:

Shop the look here
A couple things about this outfit: first, I wear those American Giant leggings looser than she does, so they are more like pants, not workout leggings. Second, that is obviously not the sweater I wore because that one is PRICEY. Mine was an old Forever21 piece that is no longer online. But we all would like to afford the one I used, right?!

By day 4 we were a litttle over it because we overdid it so much the first three days, but we still went out and walked and ate and saw. Here is what I wore:

Shop the look here
This one was pretty impossible to correctly recreate. The sweater is not bat wing in real life and is by designer Jeffery Parish who I cannot find a web presence for anymore and the top is an old J.Crew color blocked light sweater with pink sleeves, a pink bottom, and maroon details.

Towards the end of the day, we stopped back at our hotel to pee, change, and let me cry about my feet for a second and I changed into this:

Shop the look here
Day 5 was mostly a travel day, so I pretty much repeated my outfit from day 1:

Shop the look here

And now we're home and I've only worn pajamas, leggings, and workout clothes, yay!

A couple things I learned:  1) not wearing athletic sneakers is admirable, but get more supportive cute shoes if you're going to walk that much, 2) all the people saying not to wear a ton of color because Parisians don't do that are full of crap, 3) this jean jacket was worth every penny, 4) bring those high waist jeans you hesitated to bring because you are going to feel so fat by day two, you'll want something to suck you in, 5) you're never going to be the weirdest looking person walking around so wear whatever the hell you want, and 6) don't wear a beret, just don't.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Things I've Liked Lately

I'm unemployed right now and home pretty much all day so I have a lot of time to be on the internet or watch tv or read books and here are some of those things that I have enjoyed lately you're welcome, I can't stop this run on sentence, someone save me.

After Life on Netflix

I am a huge fan of Ricky Gervais and I find his snarky humor funny so I may be a little biased, but this show was really special. It's funny and real and heartfelt and I kind of already want to watch it again. It's definitely sad, but also makes you laugh and makes you want to go be nice to a random stranger and also to hug your dog(s).

Shrill on Hulu

I just binge watched this show in two days and was honestly pretty devastated to learn it only had six episodes. It's so funny, but also, I'm not sure I've ever had a show make me feel like I got punched right in the heart before. It's pretty fucking hard to be a woman right now. We are surrounded by things that make us feel bad about ourselves and our administration makes us feel like what we say doesn't matter, what we want to do with our bodies doesn't matter, what men have done to us doesn't matter, and that we just aren't ever enough. This show portrays all of that so perfectly and vulnerably and it makes you just want to say fuck it and go dance and be your own freakin' cheerleader for once.

The Southern Reach trilogy
Mike and I finally watched Annihilation and really enjoyed it even though that bear scene is mothereffing terrifying. The books are a lot different, but not in a way that makes you hate the movie. They are way more deep and detailed and just dang weird. I enjoyed reading them, even though at points they can get a little bogged down and overly psychoanalytical. The twists in the final book are worth it all.

The Duolingo app
I'm pretty nervous about our upcoming trip to Paris, but the free duolingo app is helping me to feel a little more confident about being able to communicate. It's actually pretty fun to use and if you do it on the toilet like Mike, you'll be done in no time.

Sleeping Beauties, The Long Walk, and Elevation by Stephen King

I don't really like horror, not when it comes to movies or books, so I never was interested in reading anything by Stephen King. I read a few here and there, but it wasn't until recently that I've realized just how great a writer he is. I somehow got hooked on The Dark Tower series and after I was done, tried to find some other works that weren't so "horrory" like Carrie or Pet Semetary. The three above are freaking phenomenal. I can't talk about Sleeping Beauties enough. It's seriously gorgeously written. It's poignant and sad and hopeful and ugh. So good. The Long Walk is painful to read, but really great and Elevation is so different for him, it's really pretty and special. The Dark Tower series, it should be noted, is also really great if you have time to read multiple books that are over 700 pages long. And don't watch the movie.

Matt Haig's Twitter

And obviously his books, but I love his tweets. He's so good at explaining depression and anxiety in a concise and easy to understand way. I often read his tweets out loud to Mike as a way to explain myself and how I feel to him.

Hannah Good

Liz Climo
Artists on Instagram sharing awesome and adorable cartoons. Two of my current faves are above. Social media can sometimes be really negative or make you feel comparative and bad about yourself, but it can also give you levity, humor, and little pieces of art that make you feel happy or silly or empowered like these. That's why I stick around. And so I can post photos of my dogs.

My Favorite Murder Podcast  (photo via)
Okay I'm not just loving this podcast "lately", like for years, but I haven't talked about it here, so there you go. It's so good, especially for people like me who have always loved true crime. They are also funny and relatable and super open about their anxieties and therapy and just life shit. I love them.

And some quotes from Pinterest to round this shiz out:



Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Currently I am...

Reading: I'm still reading Outline by Rachel Cusk because I've been a bad reader lately and this one requires you to actually pay attention. For our upcoming trip, I borrowed Under the Dome by Stephen King and Looker by Laura Sims. 

Writing: So far today, a couple of job applications (I really need to start changing my resume every time and I just cannnn't), and this post.

Listening: It's actually super silent in here except for my fizzy water making bubbly noises and my fingers on the keyboard.

Thinking: That I wish I had gotten more sleep last night and my dreams SUCKED.

Smelling:  Coffee.

Wishing: That my anxiety will calm the eff down before our trip.

Wearing: Pajama pants with gnomes on them (I love gnomes), a blue tank top, and an old scruffy gray Jcrew cardigan that has no less than three holes in it. Oh, and slippers that I realized I've had since before Mike and I got together and my mom is pretty sure I stole from her. 

Loving: That today is back day at the gym, which shouldn't be too bad.

WantingThese shoes and a fun Spring event to wear them to, this torte for breakfast (dessert is always better at breakfast), this good of outfit layout photo taking skills (wait until you see my Paris outfits post), and this book to read instead of watching too much reality tv.

Needing: To finish packing for our trip, to print out a bunch of things, to make my resume better, and to trim my bangs.

Feeling: Anxious after a bad night of sleep and bad dreams, sleepy, and ready to get up and start my day.

Clicking: gmail, blogger, Pinterest, Goodreads, this article that Mike sent me, and Indeed.


Cute sleepy pugs. This one likes to get up at 4:30am every day or she will climb on your (aka Mike's) head until you get up. Then she's back dead asleep like this by 7:00am. Pug monster.

I started a new therapist and this one has a dog that sometimes comes to your sessions. I'm hoping she'll be there today!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Mike's Tattoos

I can't think of a good intro to this blog post. But I wanted to share my husband's gorgeous tattoos and yeah, intro over?

Mike is not the type to make spur of the moment decisions. I can't remember what got him interested in getting tattoos, but he literally thought it over for years. In pure Mike fashion, he planned, researched, hemmed, hawed and then, years later, pulled the trigger. He knew he wanted to start getting tattoos, but wasn't sure what to actually get. He loves so many things: Disney, our dogs, soccer, the outdoors, travel, food, drinks, cars, etc. So after thinking about it for ages, he decided to get a sleeve of fruits and veggies.

Food has become really important to Mike in the last couple of years. It all started with my mom buying him a nice knife when we still lived in Ridgecrest. He started helping me chop when I would cook. Then, he eventually just scooted my ass completely out of the kitchen and became obsessed with cooking and baking. It's a very handy and delicious thing to have your husband obsessed with, trust me. Because he is a natural born researcher and reader and because he tends to be OCD, when he becomes obsessed with something, he also becomes amazing at it. He spends his days scouring blogs, reading cookbooks, and learning all he can about culinary. My coworkers would fawn over a pie he'd make them and tell me how lucky I am that he's such a great baker. He is, but also they didn't understand that he didn't just make that pie. He read at least 20 different recipes, studied techniques, and combined them all with his knowledge to make that pie. It's a lot of work.

So food seemed appropriate for his tattoo sleeve and he went with fruits and veggies because they are beautiful to look at and because they are something he enjoys cooking. He settled on the water color look and found a great artist named Skyler at Certified Tattoo Studio.

He started with beets:

Then he got asked about a million times, "Why beets?" Mike chose beets because he LOVES them, but also because it's funny that he loves them now. Before we became super into food, Mike would always tease my sister about how much she likes beets. She always ate really healthy, so he would tease her about her food habits and that beets tasted like dirt. Then, once he started getting more into food and eating well, he realized he freakin' loves beets. For a while there,  he literally ate beets with every meal. You can buy these little packs of cooked, marinated beets and he would have one as a side with every dinner. Yes, his poop is often pink.

The beet tattoo is still my favorite. Skyler does a drawing that you approve, but then so much of that tattoo is done freehand. My favorite is the little loops around the stem and on the bottom.

Next, he got a pepper:

Mike chose a pepper because of how much he loves spicy food. He used to not like spice at all, not even jalapenos and then one day, he just had an affinity for it. Now he likes things the spicier the better, even to the detriment of his poor stomach.

The pepper tattoo, I think, is a little too large, but the details are so pretty. The orange is really vibrant in person and I think the stem is the coolest part. He also freehand added the geometric border, which is a cool touch.

Next, he got an avocado:

The reason for the avocado is simple: if it's "Californian" it has an avocado on it.

The details on the avocado are some of our faves: that crosshatching on the peel, the cute little leaf, and the circles around the pit.

Last (for now), he got a lemon:

The lemon is for me! I love lemons and even eat them like oranges (which is horrible for your teeth, don't do that). The lemon is super cute and small and I love the loops coming off the bottom.

This tattoo also has a hidden  mickey for Mike's love of Disney. Can you find it?

Overall, I think his tattoos are unique and gorgeous. Skyler has been great to work with and really understands what Mike wants. Mike is a great customer because he doesn't care that Skyler is going to add things without saying, which would honestly make me insane. Hence, my lack of commitment to tattoos...

Mike has a couple more things planned for the top of his arm and maybe some filler and then he's done! His next appointment is in July and I can't wait for this one.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Good Eats

Mike and I have been eating mostly vegetarian for about two years now, so the recipes I share on here are going to look a little different. I say mostly vegetarian because if we're able to get local, sustainable fish, we will eat that and I fully plan to eat some meat in Paris. But we try our best. Here are some delicious recipes we have tried lately:

From Feasting at Home

These are so so so so good. They are filled with flavor, protein, and are super filling and satisfying. There are great layers of flavor and a little bit of everything. You feel super full, warm, and happy after one. Except, you also want to immediately eat another one. 

From BBC Good Food

Okay, truth time. I didn't know what halloumi was for YEARS. I'm pretty sure I thought it was a type of fish. But no, it's hearty, salty, delicious cheese! We've made a couple variations of this recipe and we love them all. This one is good and so is this one.

From Bon Appetit
THIS SANDWICH! This sandwich gives us emotional feelings, let me tell you. Mike actually found it in a Bon Appetit magazine while waiting in my fertility doctor's office. He spent a lot of time waiting out there while I got poked, prodded, and pinched. We didn't get a baby out of it, but we did get this sandwich which is...yeah not the same, but the sandwich is really effing tasty. Being veg, I miss just running to a deli and getting an easy sandwich whenever I want, so finding good veg sandwich recipes is so rewarding. This one is damn good and it turns your poop pink because of the beets, so that's fun right?

From Happy Veggie Kitchen
Oh man, these eggplant meatballs are so good. First off, don't add the feta. It's unnecessary. And I'm saying this as ME. The person who literally finished off a log of goat cheese the other night while Mike was asleep. It just doesn't need it and the feta didn't really go. Mike uses garlic breadcrumbs when he makes them, chickpea noodles for less carbs, and Rao's pasta sauce because it's freakin' delicious. We have used this recipe a couple ways: the one shown above with pasta, as a meatball sub, and as filler for raviolis. All were good, dude. These balls are gooood.

Monday, March 25, 2019


So, I used to link up and This Sunday Currently every Sunday and I actually really liked it. It was kind of a fun way to look back and see what I was reading/doing/thinking about. And it's a free blog post every week, so suck it.

Currently I am...

Reading: I just downloaded Outline by Rachel Cusk per an instagram post by Natalie Portman because I am very influencible (is that a word?). The night before last I finished You All Grow Up and Leave Me which was a really good mix of true crime and memoir. I liked it a lot.

Writing: Earlier I was writing job applications (hashtag unemployment) and now I'm writing this blog post, emails to my sister about RHWOA and emails with my mom and sister about the things we're grateful for today.

Listening: My pug Emma barking at me to pay her attention and the drying going. Soon, I'll be listening to the click of the dogs nails on the sidewalk when we take them for their daily walk. 

Thinking: That I'm so glad I've been pushing it so hard at the gym and holy moly my shoulders are going to hurt tomorrow. 

Smelling:  The orange I just ate. 

Wishing: That I will get a job I actually want, that our Paris trip will go well, and that my new therapist will be better than the last one.

Wearing: Grey workout leggings from Forever 21 that I got on super sale for like five bucks, a tank top from Mike's barber shop Proper Barber that is a barber sign in rainbow for gay pride, a hot pink sports bra, and some Nike's. 

Loving: That the weather has been so nice lately, sun!

Wanting:  This book that I requested for someone while volunteering for the library and it sounds good, this for our patio, this coat that I could never afford, and this pizza in my belly right now. 

Needing: To start doing ab workouts at the gym again, to start reading my new book, and to get up off my butt and go walk the dogs. 

Feeling: Anxious as always, happy because I just at half a pb&j and peanut butter always makes me happy, and excited for our upcoming trip.

Clicking: gmail, blogger, goodreads, facebook, amazon, pinterest, and the IMDB trivia for Captain Marvel since we finally watched it last night (so good!). 


My friend Ryan works part time for City on the Side and does side car tours of Denver and he took me out last week. It was super fun and a cool way to see the city. Go do it here!

After hearing Georgia on My Favorite Murder say that getting a pet camera helped her travel anxiety, we decided to try it out. It's also pretty fun to spy on the dogs. I caught Emma howling yesterday though, so that's not great...We bought this one. 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Things I've Bought Recently That I Really Like

Good title, no?

Here are literally some things I've purchased recently that turned out well:

{Find Here} {Similar}

I know I may get grief for shopping at Walmart, but you can take a girl out of Ridgecrest, but you can't take Ridgecrest out of a girl! Also, Walmart has really stepped up their workout wear game and this Danskin tunic is soft and perfectly comfy.

{Find Here}

These are obviously not the most exciting purchase, but my old no show socks were really thin like pantyhose and would slip down. I needed good, thick ones for my upcoming Paris trip to wear with my Chucks and/or Rothy's. I wish I could wear those without socks, but they both rub on my pinky toes. These socks don't slip one tiny little bit, they are great.

{Find Here}

I have been trimming my own bangs for years. Because 1) I'm lazy and don't want to go to a hair person multiple times every couple of weeks and 2) I honestly think I do my bangs better than any hair person has. I don't know what it is, I like them better my way? I've been cutting them with office scissors for years. I basically HACK through my thick ass hair with shitty old scissors. It's not great. So these help a ton.

{Find Here}
I started collecting cute pins and were putting them on my backpack that I used to commute to work, but I inevitably would have one pop off when I got squeezed into a tight spot on the train and I didn't want to lose them. So I got this and put my current collection on it. I love it so far!

This is my current collection: boobies, beer, My Favorite Murder, more beer, Upslope Brewery, wedding pins from our gift bags, Gilmore Girls, random sloth, more My Favorite Murder, Michelle Obama, Harry Potter. Boom.
{Find Here}
Okay, I technically got these back in July, but I haven't blogged in two years so this counts as recently. I finally got good hiking boots! We have lived here four years now and I've still been hiking in my trail running shoes. Which means my feet hurt like hell afterwards and I constantly twisted my ankle on shit. These are so supportive for my ankles and I trip a lot less. I don't wear them with rolled socks like that every time, I swear.

{Find Here}
So proud of my Valentine's Card for Mike this year. He loved it.

{Find Here}
PUZZLES! I became obsessed with doing puzzles during a particularly stressful time at work. I would come home and work on it while Mike cooked and would even stay up late to work on it while Mike slept some nights. It was a nice way to turn my brain off from all the stress and anxiety and it's kind of fun. So I have a crapload now and this is one set I got that was really fun.

{Find Here}
I know the owner of this company so I've been buying her beans since the beginning, but they are seriously the BEST coffee. Mike loves it so much, he saves them for the weekends so we don't run out too fast. Worth every penny for these hand roasted, humane, and awesome beans. (Also Starbucks is not humane, google that shiz)

{Find Here}
I got this dress for $18.00 and it's so comfy and cute and just ugh, good.

{Find Here}
I've wanted to get tattoos (other than my ever so classy college tramp stamp) for years, but I just can't commit. I ordered this temporary pug tattoo from Inbox and I can't wait to try it out.

Alright, most of this shit was from Amazon. I'm not that exciting...