Thursday, February 28, 2013


This outfit has me dreaming of Spring.
Sunny weather with just a little bit of crispness in the air that makes you need a light cardigan.
I can't wait.
Here is how you can recreate it for less!

street style new york fashion week spring 2012


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Rain rain go away, but not these boots

Our new side table in the guest room 

London tube shower curtain in the guest bathroom

Poster in the guest room that my mom bought us in Lodi during our wedding weekend

Our new owl friend in the bedroom (I can't turn down $5 owls...ever)

The booze.  We're out of gin.  I miss it.  That makes me sound sad.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Reason #529 Why I Love My Husband

When he wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes Gizmo is sleeping on the floor in his dog bed instead of in our bed, he wraps him up in a fuzzy blanket to keep him warm.
I never wake up because I'm a way deeper sleeper than him, but when I get up in the morning sometimes I find the blanket still there.
Warms my little heart.
Love that guy.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Random Old Story

(Because I can't fill this blog with only Pinspiration posts and I don't have a lot going on right now)

Once upon a time when I was a flight attendant living in New Jersey and was single and, ahem, partying a lot I had a pretty funny encounter.  My girlfriends and I spent the night drinking and dancing at our favorite club Adega's where I met an older, bald, married dude. And by older I mean late 30's, 40's.  I was about 23 at this time so...that's older to me.  (I just didn't want you picturing an 80 year old or something...moving on)  Apparently at some point during the night this bald gentleman and I proceeded to inappropriately make out in the club.  I don't remember this happening.  I was told later.  And honestly, I wasn't surprised.  A couple vodka red bulls will do that to a girl.  The next day, I had to work the Newark to Boston shuttle in the front cabin of the plane.  I boarded the plane and started my day like every other day, albeit it a little hungover.  Since I was working the front cabin, it was one of my duties to greet passengers as they boarded.  And lo and behold, guess who boards my plane?  Older, bald, married dude.  Awkward.  I spent that entire flight trying to avoid the eye contact which he was desperately attempting to make.  This included ignoring him whilst doing the bev cart (thankfully I didn't have to serve him just stand in front of his row for an excruciatingly long time), ignoring him whilst collecting trash, and worst of all, ignoring him whilst sitting at the front cabin jump seat that faced the rest of the plane for take off and landing.  I sat there in my tights and blue polyester staring out into the plane and all I kept seeing the whole take off and landing was a little bald head constantly leaning over to look down the aisle into my cabin.  Needless to say, that was the longest 80 minutes of my life.

Get off my plane, buh bye.

Me as a flight attendant once upon a time

Me back in my Jersey/clubbing days.  I literally couldn't be more Jersey in this picture. Love it.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Two completely unrelated things I'm obsessed with today:


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things I Did This Week That Prove I'm Old

  • Shook my head and chuckled at the dude in the gym bragging about getting f*cked up from alcohol.  Direct quote from him, "What's the point of going to a bar if you don't get f*cked up?!"  Oh kids...
  • Felt a little shocked with how often he was throwing out f-bombs.
  • Complained several times about the appearance of the checkout people at Target and Giant.  I may have even made a comment along the lines of, "Back in my day we couldn't have tattoos that showed at work."  (But seriously, cover up your brass knuckle tattoo at work maybe??)
  • Hurt my thigh doing lunges (without weight).
  • Went to bed at 8:30.
  • Ate salad with every meal.
  • Added beets to my salad (I don't know why I feel this makes me old, it just does).
  • Watched Biggest Loser.  And cried.

Men's Pinspiration2

Is there anything cuter than a man in an old man's cardigan?
Wait, is that a weird, repressed Mr. Roger's sexual fantasy thing?
Hmmm I have some things to think about...
But first, here's a new men's pinspiration picture and how you can recreate it with all pieces that are under $50!

cardigan, shirt, & tie

(Okay, I know the polka dot tie is straying from the picture, but I love it so I'm including it)

(1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)  (7)  (8)  (9)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Things I'm Lusting After

I spend a lot of time on the internet job searching.
AKA looking at shoes and bags and applying for random jobs in between.
Here are some things my poor unemployed wallet is currently dreaming of.

(1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)  (7)  (8)  (9)  (10)  (11)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saying No

So the other day I talked about not turning down things (ie: job offers) because of fear.
I went to sleep Sunday night ready to go into DC Monday and get this started.
I wasn't stressed out this time.
I didn't lose sleep.
I was organized, ready, and excited.
And then my meeting got cancelled because of a scheduling error.
And other issues came up.
And I sort of shook myself out of the haze of excitement that comes from being offered a job that isn't a desk job in a city that I love.
And realized.
Crap, this isn't the job for me right now.
So I said no.
And it sucked.
But I didn't say no out of fear which is new for me.
I said no after a bunch of heart-to-heart talks with my husband about how this job would actually work money-wise, commute-wise, schedule-wise, future-wise.
And other variables I won't put in a public blog.
And honestly, I've talked them all so much to death I can't really remember my reasons this morning.
But it's a no.
And I hate saying no.
Especially to things that are cool and possibilities and different.
And especially since at this point I probably will end up with a boring desk job.
But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
And at least I'll look cute at my desk, right?

Talking about saying no on

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I don't like to wear turtlenecks.
Things touching my neck freak me out.
But this outfit looks so cozy and chic for a cold day in the city, that I just might put up with it.
Here is how you can recreate it in an affordable way!



Saturday, February 16, 2013

Men's Pinspiration

I got a request this week to add some men's fashion to my blog.
I love this outfit because it's light layers which is perfect for this kind of year.
And a man can never go wrong with a pair of slip-ons and blue chinos.
Here is my first men's pinspiration and how you can recreate it affordably!
(Oggster, you would look great in this!!)

cold weather

Men's Pinspiration