Saturday, June 29, 2013

Armageddon Ambush Mud Run

Alright, let's be honest here, I am not a very fit person. I  work out.  I have been known to run.  I am not great at either.  I actually kind of hate them.  But my husband is super fit and I tend to gain weight super easily (when I eat an entire block of goat cheese in one sitting, ahem) so I do what I have to do.  When Mike sent me the groupon for the Armageddon Ambush Mud Run 5k in our area I for some godforsaken reason thought it sounded fun.  We've done a ton of 5k's, I've been working out...let's do it!


This was HARD.

The first obstacle I fell.  On.  My.  Ass.

Nobody saw though thankfully.  Mike basically pushed me over a wall and instead of holding on and slowly lowering myself over like a normal person with upper body strength, I just fell off on my butt.

It didn't start out great.

And there were a lot of hills and trails and running through chest deep mud and falling on my face and scraping my legs.  ETC.

Thankfully, this mud run wasn't timed so you were allowed to skip whatever obstacles you wanted.  Which I did.  While Mike climbed and jumped over them like freakin' Spider Man on acid with a giant smile on his face.


And also thankfully, the people were all super nice and helpful and everyone cheered for each other and it was beautiful weather and an amazing location.  That being said...

When you were almost to the very end and completely covered in mud and paint (they threw paint at you at points which I think was the "ambush" part, but it wasn't as obnoxious as I thought it would be and no one jumped out at me and made me pee in the mud so it was okay) you climbed up a ladder to a super steep water slide.  We were excited about this . It would clean us off, cool us down, and be fun.

It was not.

I mean, it was for normal people, just not me.

I, being either dumb or I dunno, too small or something, caught some massive air during my slide and FLEW into the pool at the bottom.  I sat and watched guys do this for a long time afterwards and they all gracefully slid off and hit the water gently, not even going under.  I legitimately flew and slammed into the water, going like a foot under that damn thing.

I was not expecting that.  I hadn't closed my mouth or my eyes and it knocked the bloody wind out of me.  I came up gasping and coughing and worried someone was going to come immediately down after me and brain me.  Mike, having slid down in graceful, Spider Man joy and starting to swim out of the pool, turned around to watch me fly off the slide like a lumpy cannonball and pop up out of the water with a look of pure panic on my face.  He told me that he took one look at me and thought to himself, "Nope, she's not okay."  He knows that "she's about to panic to the point where she breaks down and bursts into tears" face all too well.

So he ever so gallantly swam over to me and picked me up like the damsel in distress I was and carried me out of the pool.

It was pretty embarrassing.  And funny.  And I wish I had video of my epic fall.

After that disaster, we finished the race, toweled off, peeled off our disgusting shoes, and got our well-earned free beer.

I was kind of a mess, but it was fun and it got me out of working out for the day.  And I got to see Mike's abs covered in blue paint

Side Note:  I can't completely get the paint off.  Balls again.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thoughts From My First Week Of Work

- Driving yourself around is not fun.
- I don't know where gas stations are here and/or what kind of gas this car takes
- There is a point on the bridge during my commute where all you can see is the bridge in front of you and the sky above you and if feels like you're floating and it's terrifying
- Wearing normal clothes all day is not fun...I miss stretchy pants
- I instantly get fatter the second I get a desk job
- Wearing shoes all day is obnoxious
- I am going to be a horrible working mom...I broke down in tears on Tuesday because I missed the dogs so much
- I miss a lot of internet goings on during the day now that I work on a county monitored computer
- Wearing dresses with flats instead of heels because my office is casual makes me feel stubby and not as cute...but my feet appreciate it
- I ain't wearing jeans during the summer no matter how casual our office is
- I'm a control freak (duh)
- Being able to walk around your office and see a lighthouse, water, and boats is a good way to relax during a stressful day
- I find myself distracted during the day wondering what the otters are doing
- InDesign is not a fun program to learn
- There is not a comfortable desk chair on the planet, they all just KILL my back
- When you leave a job and don't leave behind instructions or contact lists, you are not my friend
- Don't hire someone right before a huge event that will keep you distracted and not able to train them
- Having a view of one of your dream homes and a cute dog from your desk makes bad moments a little better
- I am just destined to always be the only cold person in my office...cardigans in summer for life!
- Having your own office with three windows is way better than sitting at a reception desk all day

- And lastly, unemployed/employed, I'm always gonna be a whiner apparently...this was not a good week for Mike to cut me off cocktails

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My Pinterest feed is full of tulle skirts.
This DIY is my dream (if I learned how to sew and could actually do DIY).
This look is amazeballs and makes me wish we had a fun little winter party to go to.
Here is how I would recreate it (sort of) affordably (tulle skirts are expensive!!).



And since they are sold out online, here are some options if you want to hunt down the perfect little version from Anthropologie.
There's also this perfect little number from Etsy.
And another winner from Etsy found here.
Or you can coerce your mother in law to make you one.  Riggght Sandy??

Monday, June 24, 2013

Back to Work

Today was my first day at my new job.  I was SO nervous. I hate first days/weeks/couple of weeks.  You feel so stupid and out of place. Like a baby deer walking around on too skinny legs falling over constantly with a glazed look on your face.  That was me.  We went on a huge tour of the place (the museum is AMAZING btw, can't wait to take people around) and at almost every stop, the people I met told me some form of, "Oh good, I have stuff for you to do."  URP.  I have a lot to get going with.

So, in true me fashion, I'm stressing out big time about plans, life, the future, and this crazy job.  And Mike won't make me a cocktail.  Fascist.

But it will of course be okay.

And I get free lunch tomorrow!

And seriously, check out how cute our otters are!

Weekend Shenanigans

It's Monday which means I'm linking up again with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans.  This weekend I...

The weekend started Thursday night with Third Thursday at The Tides.  Which meant GIANT martinis, local music, and blurry/happy pictures.  

AND drunk pictures with our poor children.

Friday, we nursed some hangovers...not gonna lie.  We spent most of the day laying on the couch, whining, and being old.  Five Guys helped cure our ills for sure.  Oh man, any excuse to gorge on Five Guys, 
I'll take it!

Saturday, we were feeling much better, so we headed off for a run, to the gym, and then went to Beer Fest at St. Mary's City.  It was a blast:  good beer, beer brats, giant pretzels, music, and beautiful views.  I cannot wait to visit St. Mary's City again, it is seriously amazing.

We ended the weekend with some more work outs, some errands, and a whole lot of The Newsroom which we finally broke down and bought. Soooo good even though talking politics makes me stabby in general.  AND WHY THE HELL ARE THERE ONLY 10 EPISODES?!
Whew, got that off my chest.

For the last weekend before I'm finally employed again, it was a great one!  How was yours?

Sami's Shenanigans

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

It's Monday, which means it's time to link up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans.  Here's what we did this weekend!

Mike got off work early on Friday so we had some quality pool time to ourselves

Saturday was our first trip to the beach since moving to Maryland.

Saturday night, Mike finally got me to go see Iron Man 3 with him since it the base theater was doing a special $4 showing.  Couldn't say no to that!  (Or RDJ, duh)

Sunday, besides going for a run and to the gym, we were super lazy. Most of the day was spent with Mike watching soccer on tv and me reading Game of Thrones next to him and nodding when he tried to explain soccer jargon to me.

How was your weekend?

Sami's Shenanigans

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Happy Father's Day to this big ole' weirdo.
Love you so much!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Day At Elm's Beach

When you tell people that you moved here from California, a lot of their reactions are, "Oh, I'm so sorry."  I think people on the East Coast assume that all of California is beaches and big cities and wine country.  They don't understand that the town we moved from had none of that.  I usually explain to them why we're so happy to be here by saying, "Our town didn't even have a Target."  That usually gets them on my side.

Needless to say, we were so excited to try out the beaches just a few miles from our house; something neither of us have ever had such easy access to before.  Today, we took our pups to their first beach experience.  It was the perfect temperature, the perfect amount of people, and just a great relaxing day.  Just us, the pups, and some Sofia.  Here are some quick pics we snapped with our cell phones. I think we really do like this place...

I just love these boys so much.