Thursday, May 30, 2019


I haven't blogged in a month because I got a job, but I don't feel like working today (employee of the month over here, folks) and miss talking about myself on the internet, so I'm getting back into it with my favorite lazy post...

Currently I am...

Reading: I'm so excited to be reading Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered! I put in a request at my library the second I heard they wrote a book, so I actually got it the day it came out. It's so good! I'm also reading Maybe You Should Talk to Someone and the summer tradition of reading all the Harry Potters has officially started, so I'm on the first one.

Writing: Emails, my daily grateful list to my mom and sister, and Skype chats with coworkers.

Listening: To my coworkers aka the dogs snoring and old MFM podcasts.

Thinking: That I hate waiting around to go to the gym because of Mike (get it together, buddy!), that I need a new happy tv show to watch while I do mindless tasks, and that I need to get motivated to work today.

Smelling:  The remains of this morning's coffee.

Wishing: That I wasn't PMSing and that I was better at fitting cardio into my schedule.

Wearing: No one should be shocked that I'm wearing workout clothes...hashtag working from home...Old navy grey workout leggings, a tank from my favorite neighborhood brewery Green Mountain, and a sweatshirt from Walmart. I'm thrifty! Oh yeah and colorful Nike tennis shoes.

Loving: That I am not in an office on days where I'm demotivated, all the books I'm currently reading, and that this was a short week.

Wanting:  This bathing suit for an upcoming trip to Hawaii, this outfit to wear to the brewery on Saturday while we watch the soccer game, this tattoo with some color highlights, this for lunch, and this house because I love the area it's in and will never be able to afford it in real life.

Needing: For Mike to hurry up so we can go to the gym and to finish my project I'm working on at work.

Feeling: Sleepy, anxious (always), and antsy.

Clicking: gmail, Goodreads,, Outlook, and all my work sites.


So happy it's green and pretty here! That was a lonnnnggg winter, folks.

Emma and Gizmo snuggling gives me so many feels.