Friday, May 1, 2020

Pinspiration - Emma Watson at Wimbledon

Hello! I am in a foul mood today so I decided to do something that is distracting and makes me happy. Hence, a new pinspiration post!

Emma Watson wore this super cute outfit to Wimbledon in 2018 and it spawned a series of photos of her taking her seat in front of Tom Holland and his dad who are 100% trying to look like they aren't freaking the deak out, which makes me love it even more:


Here is a better photo of said super cute outfit:
Here is my recreation with pieces you can purchase now!

I went a little more casual with my recreation, mostly because I cannot stand white heels, but also because this look felt perfect for a little more casual of a day. I would wear it as a tourist somewhere warm or for a day walking (and drinking) around San Diego. Oh man, I can't wait until we can leave this house...

I went faux leather on all the accessories, but there are TONS of options for both pieces if you're not set on shopping vegan. You could even go full Meghan Markle and get these sandals that are dreamy, but super pricey. I also would love to wear some colorful shoes with this look to add a little personality, but the book clutch does a pretty great job of that.

Would you guys wear this? If so, where?


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