Saturday, January 9, 2010

Buyer's Remorse

Once upon a time sweet little Mikey and Val went house shopping with their fairy godmother/realtor Joette. They looked at many houses, some old and not so great, some okay, and even one with two kitchens and a toilet in a closet. Then they saw THE house. They walked in and it was....well perfect. They loved that modern color pallet, loved the floors, the appliances, the layout. This was IT. They put in an offer and little Val got tears in her eyes from the excitement and happiness. After a month or so of shenanigans, rigmarole, stress, and silliness, sweet little Mikey and Val were handed their keys. They walk into their new home and for the first time's YELLOW. Like really really yellow. And oh yeah, the previous owners did a piss poor job painting so there is paint EVERYWHERE. And the trim is black. Lots and lots of black. And things don't work and they painted OVER DUCT TAPE and there is a random roll of chicken wire in the shed and they left behind buckets and buckets of paint and and and and....

Buyer's remorse is a thing right?

That being said, sweet little Mikey and crazy pants Val really do love the house. The trim is no longer black and the red wall is no longer pinkish. Things will be fixed and the chicken wire and paint buckets will be on their way to the dump soon. It's on its way to becoming a home. And to anyone that doesn't like the yellow, Mikey and Val don't want to hear about it!!


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