Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Deets

Ever since before we even got engaged, I've been obsessed with scouring wedding blogs and magazines.  I love to look at the details that people chose and how they all fit together.  As someone who dreams of planning weddings, little details like mini chalkboards, tiny buttons glued to escort cards, and tote bags with the bride and groom's monograms on them are like crack to me.  So, in case anyone cares, here are the details of our wedding.  If you don't care, don't read this...I'm sure there's an episode of Real Housewives on somewhere.  I won't be insulted.

The ceremony location was outside of the cellar room on a cobblestone patio.  From the first time we saw it, we knew we would barely need any decorations; it was already so green and beautiful.  All we added were some poms from Pomtastic on, of course, Etsy.  Thank God our venue was in charge of all the decorations because I would not have wanted to sit and unfold all 20 poms and hang them, but they did a great job and I think the ceremony turned out perfectly simple.

A picture of the ceremony location at night, loved the lights.
Our beautiful ceremony, notice the poms!
I knew I wanted to do an "In Memory Of" table since there were so many important people to Mike and I who were no longer with us, especially his father who had recently passed away.  I wanted the table to look vintagey so we bought mix-matched frames from Kmart, Wal-Mart, and Target, (I'm thrifty, what can I say?).  I made a photo book on Shutterfly and left tons of blank room on each page and set that on the table with some nice pens for people to sign as a guest book.  

Our flowers, done by the amazing Shannon at Flourish, turned out beautifully.  Especially since we picked the type of flowers during a trip to Wal-mart, found our florist via google whom we had never met in person until the day of the wedding.  She did an amazing job and on a tight budget.  I couldn't believe she made our centerpieces and bouquets look exactly how I'd envisioned them.

My bouquet.  It photographs more orange than it was, they were bright yellow and gorgeous!
The bridesmaid's bouquets, I love the huge green leaves.

Instead of doing corsages, my florist made flower rings for the moms.  They were a big hit!

My escort cards were by far my favorite project.  I found embarrassing or silly pictures of all my guests and their dates, (thank G for Facebook), and printed them on business cards with their table number and name on the back.  I pinned them to the bulletin board I covered with our fabric (DIY post found here).  Everyone had fun finding themselves and it turned out really cute and funny.

We ended up having a candy buffet because, well basically we couldn't find any favors we liked and the mo-in-law really wanted to.  It turned out really cute though so I'm happy we did!  We bought mix-matched jars from a kitchen outlet, Target, and Wal-mart, (this is starting to sound like quite the white trash, Wal-mart wedding), and filled them with candy we bought online from this adorable store called Nuts Online.  Seriously, order from them...they send you little e-mails saying thank you and making nut puns.  I love them.  We bought simple plastic bags to hold everyone's candy in from Amazon and I bought white pipe cleaners guessed it...Wal-mart and cut them in half for people to hold the bags shut.  My favorite thing on the candy buffet were the cigars, matches, and cutters my dad bought to surprise Mike with.  All the boys loved having the cigars and it was a nice extra thing for Mike since the wedding can end up being so much about the bride.

It was way harder than you'd think finding tasty yellow and white candy!

A great thing about our venue was that the price of the cake was included in everything so we didn't have to stress about finding someone to make that.  We opted for a really simple cake with some fresh flowers on top from our amazing florist.  One of my FAVORITE things about the wedding was my last surprise for Mike which was a groom's cake in the shape of a soccer ball made my one of the groomsmen's uber talented fiance.  Mike loved it and it was delicious to boot.

Red velvet cake with buttercream frosting.  YUM.

Both cakes with all of our bouquets, so sweet of the venue to have the vases ready for our bouquets.

How amazing is this cake? Made by Laura at Susie Cakes.
The tables turned out great which is actually surprising seeing as how I had never put everything together before so it was a surprise to me what it looked like the day of.  The table numbers were made by my bridesmaid Vanessa by painting wooden house numbers and they turned out super cute.  Our table runners were made by mo-in-law to add some color to the tables instead of having a ton of flowers.  We bought vases from Gilt and Wal-mart of course and our florist filled them with loose flowers.  I made the menus that were tucked into our napkins and the place cards.  Overall, they were pretty cheap, but cute tables!

You sick of the color yellow and hearing about Wal-mart yet?  It's okay, we're done.


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