Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 Goals

Oh hey, it's not 2014 any more. How weird is that?

I looked back at my first post of 2014 aptly titled "2014" where I talked about what I wanted for that year.

I hinted at a couple of things I wanted that I couldn't talk about then. I got one (a new job) and not the other (a baby).

Among other things, I said I hoped I would drink less and run more. I drink just as much, but I do run more so that's something...right?

I said I should own more pants and I do! What a lofty goal Val, well done.

I wanted us to know where we were going to be living by 2015, we are even more confused than ever on that front.

I wanted to be thankful for where we live and the turns our lives have taken. I needed a reminder of that lately, so reading my old post really helped. I've been really down since the holidays and it would serve me well to be thankful for the good things in my life.

I hoped to make some friends (the most pathetic of new year goals) and we did not so...yeah we're losers.

I wanted to read more and watch less tv and guess what? I do! Although, I get to take no credit as my commute is so long, it affords me to read a ton and they don't have cable at my dad's house so I have no choice on the tv, but still. Go me!

I also listed some things I hoped NOT to do in 2014. And guess what? I did them all. Got down on myself, got frustrated at work (new work, new frustrations), stressed about the future, thought negative thoughts, got demotivated at the gym and at work. Well shit. Sometimes we fail. New year new start new hopes maybe maybe?

For 2015, all I really hope for is to just do better. To get at least one solid answer on something in our future. And to just be a little happier. Just a smidge.

Let's go!

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