Sunday, May 29, 2016

At This Very Moment

At this very moment, I am sitting on my patio drinking some wine and reading a book. I'm wearing a comfy if not garishly mismatched outfit, my feet are up, and my dogs are relaxing next to me. The only sounds I hear are the wind rushing through the bright green leaves of the tree directly in front of me, Tuffy halfheartedly barking at passers by, and the joyous laughs of the women on the balcony above me. Every time I hear one of them laugh, I smile. Those three women, who look just like my mom, with little chihuahuas in their laps and wine in their hands, enjoying a cool night on a flower-covered balcony in May.

I don't want (really want) a lot of things in life, but to be happy is one of them. It's something I struggle with daily, so peaceful little moments like this are like gold to me. It's simple moments like these that make me feel lucky and truly happy.

Back to my book and to the wind and to the laughs and to my boys and to the wine and to my smile because of all of it.


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