Friday, August 2, 2019

Pinspiration 2

Here is the big question about this one...can you pull this off if you aren't a stick? After typing that and channeling the author of the book I'm currently devouring right now (Shrill) I decided, yes you can pull this off. You just need to be confidant and  really not give a fuck, no matter what size you are.

So yeah, here's today's Pinspiration!


One of the things I love about this look is, even though it's a little odd and trendy, it's still composed of classic pieces that you can wear over and over. Black booties are a closet staple, that silk skirt can be dressed up or down in so many ways, and the sweatshirt can be worn with jeans any time. So even if you pay a little more for some of the pieces, like the booties I used were about $100, you're going to use them a ton.

I went a little different on the sweatshirt because I thought a vintage NASA sweatshirt was just too perfect for this eclectic look. I also went for a smaller purse that can be worn as a belt bag because it's vegan and cute.

Here is the shopable look:

Pinspiration 2

by Val2201


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