Tuesday, March 24, 2020


I'm blogging again! Because I'm furloughed and stuck at home trying to not freak the motherfuck out about Covid 19 and because I'm bored! And no one cares!

Currently I am...

Reading: I just finished How to Stop Time and really liked it and am starting today on Perfect Little Children. I'm hoping to read a ton of books during this weird time and thank G for e-books!

Writing: Just this post and maybe some emails later. Not much to write while furloughed!

Listening: To the new episode of RHOA and Emma breathing next to me.

Thinking: That I'm having rough mental health day today (who isn't) and should go for a walk soon to help.

Smelling:  The gorgeous diffuser in our bedroom, seriously it's the best.

Wishing: That I wasn't furlough, that no one was dying or sick, and that this all was effing over.

Wearing: Workout clothes......duh....that's all I wear right now.

Loving: That I have enough savings to not be terrified of this furlough and that I have a husband who runs all the errands for us during this awful time.

WantingThis outfit and a meaningful job to wear it to, this dress and a relaxing beach vacation to wear it to, this for dinner tonight, and for my hair to look like this when I wake up in the morning.

Needing: Motivation to work out and go for a run.

Feeling: ANXIOUS. Who isn't right now?!

Clicking: gmail, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Blogger, and Hulu.


Here is a sleepy pug as your current work from home, furlough, laid off, pandemic spirit animal. 


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