Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Unemployment = Rambles

So as anyone that actually knows me knows, (because I've probably whined about it every single day for almost two months), I am unemployed. By choice. Because apparently I'm a big fat genius.

You know, I was a little embarrassed about following a boy to Bakersfield, but I was 19 at the time and he was my first love and I was naive blah blah. So...I'm going to take a mulligan on that one.

I was a little less embarrassed when I followed another boy to Chico because I was older and wiser and really had jack shit else going on in my life and Chico is definitely a step up from Bakersfield so we'll call that one a draw.

Now, lo and behold, I have followed a boy BACK TO RIDGECREST. You know Ridgecrest right? That tiny little town that is composed of 25% white trash, 50% dirt, 15% tumbleweeds, and 10% pregnant chicks because let's face it, there's nothing else to do in Ridgecrest except get knocked up. Mike and I were both born and raised here and both swore up and down that we would never end up back here. So imagine our shock and amazement when we agreed to move back. Yes, Mike got a great job opportunity, yes houses here cost like a dollar, yes both of our mothers live here, yes it only takes five minutes to drive everywhere in town and there are no freeways, but come've got to admit it's a step back.

So by my calculations, my "following dudes around California" score is: 1 mulligan based on age and naivety, 1 draw because Chico food is worth following any half good dude there, and 1 super embarrassing, but smart decision downgrade. So it's pretty much Val - 0, Universe - 3.


So, I'm unemployed and home alone all day and doing my housewife duties only kills about an hour a day so you...yes YOU, you employed people with your jobs and your school and your lives. You are now forced to read my rambles. That way everyone is a little punished and as they say, unemployment loves company...


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