Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wino / Wine No?

"If God forbade drinking, would He have made wine so good?"
Cardinal Richeleu

"Wino Forever"
Johnny Depp
(His tattoo that originally read 'Winona Forever')

Ever since I started enjoying wine, (which I'm pretty sure either started with dating Mike or REALLY started with working at my last job...the place of nightmares...the place we shall call CPA Hell), I started having the urge to have at least one glass every night after dinner. Which, you know, when typed or said out loud doesn't sound THAT bad. It's one glass of red wine a night, that's good for your heart right? No one gets drunk off of one glass of wine....well maybe my mom but she's a tiny little lightweight so that doesn't count. And let's be honest, while working at CPA Hell, I deserved a damn glass of wine when I got home! Here, give Mike these two options: 1) have Valerie come home and bitch and moan to you like the whiny cow that she is or 2) let Valerie have a glass of wine and watch her slip into the comfy warm blanket that is a glass of good wine after a bad day of work. He chooses option number 2. Every time.

It eventually got to the point though where my head decided that I would not be able to properly sleep if I did not have said glass of wine. And then my head put two and two together that if, after said glass of wine, I was not tired enough to go to bed, I should have another, bigger glass of wine. This is not a great idea on a work/week night. This is also not a great idea for your budget because, well killing a bottle every couple of days adds up. So you buy cheaper wine for after work glasses and then this gives you heartburn which makes you a whiny cow anyways and it's a vicious cycle. So after these last couple of years of drinking a glass of wine almost every night before bed and now even after escaping from CPA Hell, (straight into Unemployment Hell I might add), I still crave a glass of wine, (or two or three), every night before bed.

So, great expanse of endless Internet, I ask you this question. To wino or not to wino? Should I cut it down? Is this actually bad for me because it sure as hell doesn't help me sleep! Maybe I'll have a glass of wine with breakfast and think it over...

P.S. I had an epiphany last night. I know what I can do to cut down my late night wine drinking! I'll have margaritas instead! What else does one do with the over two years old bottle of tequila that you left in your mom's fridge the last time you lived here AND the semi-new bottle of tequila that you brought with you when you moved back? Make night time margaritas of course! Problem solved. Thanks Internet!


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