Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bridal Shower!

Last weekend was my bridal shower and it was perfect.  My sister, mom, and bridesmaid Kristin did a great job and I loved every minute of it.  Here, because you know you love my lists, are 10 random things about my bridal shower:

1)  I love the theme Laura chose...her vision was a retro tea party.  My mom found a tea house in town that turned out perfect for Laura's theme.  I love tea, I love chachka, and I love tiny food...perfect!

Laura likes that I look terrified of the tea in this picture.
2)  Having everyone stare at you while you're opening your presents is nerve wracking and made me go into stand up comedian mode making cracks about every gift.  Apparently I was funny though thank goodness.  Also, someone should have told me to close my legs.  Whoops.

3)  It wouldn't be a tea party without some weird hats.  Mine didn't fit on my giant melon of a head.

4)  Even if you don't serve booze, people are still going to get silly.

I can't believe someone agreed to marry  me.

5)  Seriously, by the time you're at your bridal shower and about to be at your wedding, you need to have learned to pose better in pictures!

Laura looks great, I look frumpy

6)  Breaking in your wedding shoes at your bridal shower:  genius AND cute!

7)  Force the moms to take pictures even though they hate it!

8)  Don't let people take pictures of you from underneath.

But seriously, how good is this rehearsal bouquet Kris made?!

9)  Some of your friends might not know you very well.....

Kelly thinks I need this.....

10)  There is nothing like being in a room full of people that are genuinely happy for you and love you.


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