Monday, October 10, 2011

Goodbye Summer

I'm actually looking forward to winter this year.
Which is weird since I'm from the desert and am just not built for winter.
I get cold when it's in the 60's.
I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt right now for example.

But this year for some reason I can't wait.
Probably because I have so much fun stuff planned.
And because I get a couple weeks off of school.
And because my mom bought me these boots for Christmas that I get to use early in exchange for allowing her to wear a necklace she also bought me for Christmas before she gives it to me.

We're weird, but it works and I can't wait to wear these boots.  
And also maybe to lick them.
Maybe just once.
I also just love spending winters in our house.
We light fires in the fireplace.
We decorate for Christmas.
We sit out on the patio and read and drink with the pups.
And I get to wear hoodies.
I love hoodies.
I usually start wearing them a little too early and I get really hot, but I don't care.

Also, my husband starts wearing his flannel pajama bottoms mixed with this ski lodge sweater.
That makes any season a good one.

So goodbye summer.
Goodbye flowy dresses and hello tights and (lickable) boots.
Goodbye air conditioning and hello fireplace.
Goodbye Longsharks with lime and hello hot chocolate.
Goodbye flip flops and hello fuzzy socks.
Can't wait to see you.

Please don't rain on me.


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