Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Poor Man's Sydney

I had a rough time putting together an outfit yesterday.
First of all, it was Monday. That’ll getcha every time.
Second, I was still a little fuzzy from the massive amounts of Nyquil I shoved into my system over the weekend.
Third, the majority of my skirts and pants are two sizes too large for me.
So after rejecting my fourth outfit disaster, I pulled up my Pinterest and just copied this little gem from the amazing Sydney.

My interpretation is definitely not as good as her, but at least I didn’t show up to work in my pjs which was my next option if this outfit didn’t work out.


Skirt:  Gift, Windsor
Cardigan:  JCrew
Tank:  JCrew
Necklace:  Gift, Premier
Belt:  borrowed from the hub
Shoes:  Nine West



  1. You look lovely! I also have this outfit on my 'to wear' list ...
    Kelly xo

    1. Thank you! Any excuse to wear a yellow cardigan and I'm taking it!


  2. I think you pulled it off quite well. (: I like the length of her skirt more (or maybe that it is sheer) but you look adorable! Much better than pajamas!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Love the outfit post you did today!