Thursday, November 20, 2014

10 Things I Believe

I haven't been blogging because I'm lazy and I kind of forgot I had a blog for a minute there what with work and no computer and obsessing over how fat I look in pants.

You know, the usual.

So I'm going to very belatedly link up with the DC Ladies for their November writing prompts.

Here's the first one...

10 Things I Believe (I took this prompt super seriously of course)

1)  If you wear sunglasses on the metro, you're a douche.

2)  No one is comfortable in skin tight pants, I'm just more sensitive about it than other people. (I have to believe this otherwise my world is crushed)


4)  The bigger the company, the stupider the comments on Facebook.

5)  Physique 57 sucks and is awesome at the same time.

6)  Winter is great because there are no longer tons of people outside my metro trying to get me to sign petitions.

7)  Brushing your hair is overrated.

8)  Shopping for clothes is only fun when you're in shape.

9)  Commuting is much better when there's a new Serial episode.

10)  There's a gif for everything.

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