Friday, November 7, 2014

Life Lately In Photos

I barely blog any more because I'm fussy or because my computer at home is still broken. So here are some photos I've collected on my phone to make up a half assed blog post. Lucky you!

Our first day of our new/shorter commute on the train. Much better!

Mike mustache you to stop harassing him during his morning commute nap

Crazy storms in an office made up almost entirely of windows

Spending our last remaining non-frigid weekends hiking in this gorgeous nearby park

Loving my new Target blanket scarf although I cannot get it to not unroll every 5 seconds

Rainy days call for changing into almost slippers, but also outside appropriate shoes once indoors

Doing my commute alone wasn't so bad when I had a good book and a giant Chop't salad to eat when I got home

Mike stayed in the city with a friend one night, but the pups kept me company just fine (also beer)

The dogs love their new backyard

One weekend, we ventured off to a nearby town and found a super cute wine bar

I look horrible, but happy

I am so cliche, but I am loving the leaves changing here

Relaxing in my obnoxious running tights with a pug on my lap watching Band of Brothers like one should on the weekend

Sitting on my butt watching my husband make me a cocktail (sugar free of course) and my step-mom making me a grilled cheese = happy

Professional pug bugging

The relationship didn't work out with the guy, but the scarf his mom made me is still one of my faves

So excited to have gotten hooked on this...oh good!

Tuffy says, "Seriously with the god damn flash?!"

If Mike and I decide not to have kids, I may just push these babies around in a stroller because I love them so much


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