Sunday, May 3, 2015

This Sunday Currently

(I know the blogger who created this series doesn't do them anymore, but's Sunday, so why not)

Currently I am...

Reading: Nothing. Since my crazy commute has ended, I haven't been reading at all which is good because it means I spend most of my time doing fun stuff and not sitting on a train, but bad because I miss reading. I just got Before I Go To Sleep and am really looking forward to reading it so I need to get on that.

Writing: This blog post and that's it. I spend a lot less time on the internet now that I'm happily employed and live somewhere I love.

Listening: To Mike cooking this meal from Blue Apron and to Tuffy barking at the dude bros in the hot tub outside our window (don't get an apartment that faces the pool, don't do it).

Eating:  About to eat another tasty Blue Apron meal (we love Blue Apron) and then our favorite dessert in the warmer months: strawberries, fat free cool whip, and a tiny little angel food cake round. So good, so few calories.

Wishing/Hoping: For the weather not to be as rainy this week as the app says it's going to be, for our new hire who starts tomorrow to work out, for Mike and I to figure out whether we're going to have kids and where we are going to end up living when our lease is up (our lease is up in about a year, I'm psycho and like to plan).

Wearing: Black leggings and a grey long sleeved, off shoulder top from F21 - my go to lounge outfit.

Loving: Denver. My job. Our new lives. How sore my legs are right now. How good our dinner smells while Mike is cooking it. How tasty lunch was. Just, you know, everything right now.

Wanting:  To move into the neighborhood that we walked around today (we walked 7 miles today, my dogs are barking), to lose 10 pounds, to not ever have to buy a second car, to be wearing this tomorrow and to have the small chest to pull it off, to take a vacation here with Mike and the pups, and five more pairs of these pants that I bought on sale at Old Navy today.

Needing: To make time to read my new book, to do my nails and toenails, and to pick an outfit for tomorrow.

Feeling: Full from dinner (I took a break to eat while writing this blog), happy, and sleepy.

Clicking:  Facebook, Amazon to get Mom's day gifts, and Blue Apron to check out our upcoming menus.

And some other things...

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary last week with tasty pizza, wine, salad, cupcakes, and Star Wars. Perfect!

Yesterday we went for a long walk around Golden, CO and had lunch and shopping downtown. It was gorgeous and just a dang great day.


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