Monday, April 27, 2015

Sweaty Betty Isn't Dead...y

If you thought that was the world's worst blog post title, you were right.

So a couple years ago, when we lived in California and had nothing else to do, we used to run for cardio. We got up to running 4 miles a night which was a huge feat for me and I didn't actually hate it which was an even huger feat. And I weighed ten pounds less than I do now so....

Once we moved to Maryland, we let running fall to the wayside because it was so g-damn cold, but I picked up weight training which was awesome and my shoulders and biceps look pretty good, thank you, but I also slowly put on a bunch of weight. Which sucks. And makes me feel bad for eating as much as I do because at least I was burning calories back then, right?

Since I first started working at my new job, one of my coworkers has been pushing me to go to Orange Theory with her which is her main form of working out and she absolutely loves it. It was hard to say no because I was feeling so shitty about my weight gain and she had lost like 25 pounds doing Orange and it is downstairs in my office building, so I didn't really have a good excuse not to go.

Now, you all know me...I hate working out. Hate it. Even when I "liked" running, I hated it and dreaded every run before I set off. I am hugely self conscious in the gym. I have had minor panic attacks in rooms that are too full of other people working out and have had to leave because I get anxiety so badly about looking stupid while working out. So I was really really nervous for my first day at Orange. I knew I was going to suck and everyone would notice.

And guess what?

It went great!

I swear to Pete, this is not an advertisement, it actually was pretty g-damn awesome. The best thing about Orange for me is that everyone is so focused on their own workout and there's no standing around time in between sets, that no one gives a crap and/or notices what you're doing. I'm the slowest one on the row machine this set? No one cares because they have all run back into the weight room and are trying not to barf doing burpees. Some chick apparently ate it doing box jumps the other day and I didn't even notice because I was panting in my own little corner.

You also have no time to look at and critique yourself in the mirror.

And the mirrors in front of the treadmills don't show your legs. Genius.

Anxiety gone.

And also, it's hard as crap and I still like it! No self-defeating mental commentary about how awful I'm doing. Can't do all out at 5% incline like the instructor told us to do? I'll do push pace at 5% and try my hardest and be happy about.

Seriously, who is this person?

I still get nervous before each class, because it's me, but once we start running, I get really focused and end up enjoying pushing myself and seeing how many calories I've burnt as the class goes on.

Also my boobs look really good in the mirror when I run. (Classy)

I've only gone three times so far (I do Mondays and Wednesdays each week) and I'm super hooked and can't wait to see how much fat I burn/weight I lose/body parts I tone as time goes on!

Here are my first three results which I'm sharing because I'm super proud and it's my blog so why not?

Go Orange!


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