Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Want It Wednesday

This Wednesday, I'm off work because I worked a funky schedule last week/weekend. I'm currently playing on the internet while drinking coffee and waiting for it to be time to leave for Orange. The dogs are fed, we hung out in the dog park for a while, I got to pet the super sweet greyhounds who are scared of most people, and I ate a delicious breakfast.

Today is pretty great so far.

But, it's still Wednesday, so let's focus on things we want rather than have? That's healthy?

Ready, go!

The Last Five Years
I watched this while Mike was in Vegas and have been listening and singing the songs ever since. It's so depressing and so so good.

Here is my favorite song. Listen to it. It will straight up ruin your day. You're welcome.

I feel like I've hit the age where I can't wear giant earrings anymore, but if I could, I'd wear these bad boys.

This kitchen
They had me at that giant stack of books and weird green cabinets.

Pugerrific photo printed on a black premium 5.5 oz ringspun cotton tee for exceptional comfort and quality.Care instructions:Machine wash cold, hang to dry
This shirt
Because, well, obviously.

Blog — Apollinas
This cake
Just, put this in my belly now, except it may be too pretty to eat...

National Library, Athens, Greece.
A trip here
It's gorgeous, it's in a place I've always wanted to go, it's historical, and bonus points for being a library.


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