Saturday, September 19, 2015

Glasses Giveaway!

Last time I got my eyes checked (which is probably overdue cough cough being an adult sucks) I took off my glasses to put my face in that weird "look at the balloon" machine and the doctor commented on how nice and attractive my glasses were. He went off on them a bit and it took a lot of self control that I don't usually have to not giggle. It helped that my chin was in a strap. The reason it was so funny to me is that we were sitting in a room surrounded by fancy and expensive glasses and he was complimenting me on glasses that cost me about ten bucks. To sum up: Firmoo is awesome and so are their glasses.

(here I am contemplating how awesome my Firmoo glasses are...Gizmo agrees)

I've talked about Firmoo on the blog before here and here and here and both my pairs of glasses that I rotate right now (one for my purse in case of emergencies and one at night after I take out my contacts) are from Firmoo. They rock, I tells ya.

To further prove how awesome Firmoo is, they're going to give away a pair of glasses to one of you! See, awesome. Go here to pick out which glasses you would want to win and then enter below. Good luck!

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    I LIKE THE V602 - Burgundy
    CalifKitties {at} Aol {dot} com

  2. Would love the FRM8827 in tortoise

      My email :)))
      GL EVERYONE :)