Monday, February 1, 2016

Life Lately

So, hey! I have been SO lazy this weekend and I kept thinking about doing a blog post and then not doing it because I'm so lazy. Good story.

Also, I'm counting today as the weekend because I didn't work since I was supposed to have last Monday off (after hours schedule) but I didn't get it off due to restaurant training.

SPEAKING OF restaurant training. That's what I was doing all last week. I work for a major food chain and they require a little bit of in-restaurant training when you're new, even if you're just support staff, so you can get how it all runs, or so you can be miserable for a week and be happy you have a degree, who knows. I did it when I was brand new for two days and it was awful and I cried in my car, so they made me do it again. Lesson learned: when something goes awful at work, don't tell your boss or they will just make you redo the awful thing. The people that made it awful won't get punished, you will.

This time was much better though, because the crew were all super nice people. Although, this time I had to do it for a full week and I am 33 years old (!!) and haven't worked on my feet all day in a lonnnng time. So it was exhausting and I felt really old and kind of useless and my feet hurt like hell and I was really greasy at the end of every day and I vow to never wear shoes that ugly again.

So, this weekend I was super lazy and I deserved it.

Mike and I went out for dinner and drinks Friday here and here and oh man, so good. After a couple cocktails, Mike spilled the beans on his anniversary gift for me this year which is a trip to Buena Vista, CO staying at this amazing place and I cannot wait.

THIS is our bathroom, I mean come on.

We've been working on a Colorado bucket list in case we move again, because, after all, it is us and we do tend to move a lot, and hot springs are on there and Buena Vista has hot springs! (That was a horrible run on sentence, good Christ) For the hot springs, I spent a big chunk of my lazy day today shopping for bathing suits online (much less stressful than in person). Here are some faves:

Strappy T-back One-piece - Victoria's Secret:
(I am loving Victoria Secret's Mara Hoffman knockoffs!)

Crisscross Top - PINK - Victoria's Secret:
My fave so far. My abs look just like that, you guys. I swear.

Salty Mint:
I would love this one in a different color...I think I'm a little pale for mint.

Mara Hoffman Peacock Maillot:
So flattering and it's a legit Mara Hoffman...if only my budget would allow.

What else?

Yesterday, I went to Orange for the first time since last Sunday and I took Mike's pre-workout energy stuff for the first time and it JACKED ME UP. I walked so fast to the studio that I must have looked insane. I met Mike after my workout here and let me tell you, mixing that energy stuff with alcohol makes a STRONG buzz, my friends.

Mike and I finally watched Making a Murderer and I also binge watched the second part of the first season of Outlander (the rape scene, oh god!) and I binge watched the entire season/series of Flesh and Bone so now I need to watch something light because all three of those shows make me feel dark and twisty. I'm thinking Casual on Hulu may do it. (I watch too much tv)

Today, I went to Orange where I twinged the bejesus out of my right shoulder because I'm old and unfit, walked home in the snow, and have been sitting on my arse since then. I'm pretty happy about it.

My "walk to Orange in the snow" outfits never make sense. Tennis shoes, short pants, and a giant puffer coat. My shins freeze, but whatever, I don't want to be hot while I work out.

Pugs really enjoy snow days. Yes, that is my sweater.

We've been eating this salad for dinners and it's fareakin' delicious. We add kale too, because you can never have too much fiber right?

roasted beet + barley salad in a maple mustard dressing via Witchin' In the Kitchen:

We went to Costco on Saturday and were freaking out on the drive home because it smelled so horrible in the car. I was, of course, convinced it was Mike farts, but we discovered when we got home that it was the broccoli we bought. It smelled like death. I kept telling Mike it must be bad, so he googled "broccoli smells like farts" and decided it was okay, but he finally ate some today and it tasted bad, so I win. Also, our house no longer stinks because that shit went straight down the trash chute. I feel bad for bitching that people were crop dusting us the whole time we were walking around Costco and possibly pointing at a small child and blaming it on her...

Also, my work email has  been broken all week which is kind of awesome.

The end!


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