Saturday, February 27, 2016

Oh Hey

Oh hey! Here are a bunch of photos out of order and for no particular reason. Lucky you!

I love when he looks so worried for no reason. We were probably touching food...

We originally said no Valentine's Day gifts or cards, but I ended up with these raw diamond beauties and I ain't mad about it.

How my Valentine's Day ended (Mike had a late soccer game). My dates always fall asleep on me.


My new iPhone case, obviously.

Dog sitting is the best and I think she's comfortable with us.

His Valentine's Day present - Sur La Table shopping spree!

I finally bought a book light. Does this deserve a photo? probably not...

Sexy long distance texts by me.

Our current dog washing station at our apartment looks like a murder room. 

Her bangs are better than mine.

When watching Mike play soccer, I go back and forth between swooning and giggling.


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