Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mike Said Aye to the Tie!

Pardon the pun...I couldn't help myself.

The main part of the wedding that Mike has been participating in and excited about is what he gets wear.  He loves clothes and especially loves suits so he's been having fun shopping around and finding pieces for the wedding.  The first part of the boys' attire that we decided on were their ties.  We looked on Etsy and Mike checked  a lot of his favorite fashion web sites and after a couple of weeks decided on these:

We loved the bright yellow color and just how darn cute they are.  I think they're going to look perfect with the boys' gray suits.  Love 'em! 

I ordered them from a shop on Etsy called Tux & Tulle.  She did a great job and we got them really quickly.  Here they are!  I don't want to take them out of their bag, they're so cute!