Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Said Yes to the Dress!

Okay, I haven't posted in ages...I suck...but I'm back!

I'm so excited to say that I can check off one of the hardest and most important, (to me at least), things off of my wedding checklist!  The DRESS.

The journey of buying my wedding dress started like most of my journeys a dirty dressing room in my underpants.  My mom and my mo-in-law to be Sandy decided to check out the one and only dress/tux shop in our town classily named Tuxego.  We knew we wouldn't find a dress there, but figured it'd be fun and we might get an idea what style looks good on my stubby body.  Thank God all three of us have good senses of humor because this place was a train wreck.  There was no one to help you, the dresses were dirty, there was not a single solitary one in my size, and the dressing room included a complimentary petty coat for you to try on which was found on the floor in the exact shape that it would have been left if someone pushed it off their body and walked away.  *Shudders*

It still ended up being pretty fun though because, well, it's still wedding dresses!  Even though most of them were either insanely too big for me, (and there were no magic clips  like at the next store), or they refused to zip over my boobs, they still had that magic thing that wedding dresses do where they make anyone look ten times prettier the second they put them on.  Also, my future mo-in-law got to see me in my underwear for the first time so that was fun.  My mom  did not enjoy the fact that I wore bright yellow underwear for the occasion, but it IS my wedding color after all!

One thing I did realize on that visit is that we all three had totally different tastes.  I liked anything with a waist band on it and Sandy did not because it cut my body off and made me even stubbier and my mom loved anything princessy and poofy while I felt like a cake topper who could barely move in those.  I started to think that this whole process was going to be pretty tricky.

A while later, my sister, mom, and I traveled to Bakersfield to try on dresses at Little White Dress Bridal Shop and had planned to go to one other shop.  It was the exact opposite experience than what we had at the local shop.  This place was adorable and everyone was so friendly and our lady had these magic clips that would hold the dresses as tight as physically possible and would make you look amazingly skinny and lovely.  The lady whom I called Magic Clip Lady the whole day asked me a bit about myself, figured out that I love Mod Cloth and Etsy and immediately picked out this dress for me that both Laura and I had disregarded.  We tried on tons of dresses, (and yes mom, I wore appropriate underwear this time!), and when it came time to try on Magic Clip Lady's choice, Laura slipped it over my head, zipped it up, and when we turned and looked at each other, we both teared up.  This was the one!

**Update:  since the wedding is now long over, here are some photos from that awesome day!!

Champs to celebrate the dress!

I don't know why I don't look this good in any of my wedding pics...I think it's the magic clips...


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  1. You are so adorable, Valerie! Thanks for the lovely words and we can't wait to see you in your dress!