Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Few Fun Things

I just wanted to show off some cute accessories I recently bought for the wedding! 

I've been searching and searching for yellow shoes for the wedding because I really want to do one of those pictures where I'm lifting up my dress showing my shoes and Mike is lifting up his pants showing his socks...I'm a dork I know.  And yes, I'm forcing Mike to wear yellow argyle socks.  He's a lucky man.

I've had a really hard time finding yellow shoes that don't look like stripper shoes.  Thankfully, I found some super cute, non-skanky ones on Zappos and got them in the mail yesterday and they're perfect!  Here they are:

Don't they just make you happy?!  Love 'em.

I also bought a clutch for the wedding day.  Of course, it's from Etsy.  Here it is:

I love it because it's kind of modern and graphicy, the perfect colors for the wedding and I can totally use it again.

I also ordered my dad a tie for the wedding.  He wants to kind of match the groomsmen since he's going to be walking me down the aisle, but not exactly match them.  I ordered him a tie from the same lady at Tux and Tulle on Etsy that we got the groomsmen ties from.  Love these too!!


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