Sunday, January 2, 2011


I cannot believe another year is over!  2010 really flew by for me.  I've been sitting here trying to look back and remember what all happened last year and it's really just a blur.  Here are some of the greatest hits that I can remember from 2010:

1)  Moving into our house and making it into our home.  We bought the house in 2009, but didn't move in and start making it ours until the very beginning of 2010.  Decorating and making this place homey with Mike was a great experience and no matter where we move, I'm always going to love this crazy yellow house so much.

2)  Getting engaged!  Mike and I have been talking about marriage since we first started dating, so I thought getting officially engaged wouldn't be a big deal for us.  When it actually happened though, I couldn't have been happier and it's a day I'll remember forever!  Also, if you haven't noticed...I'm a little obsessed with my ring...

3)  Getting a job.  Five months of unemployment was not awesome.  As evidenced by my rambling first couple of blogs on here.  A month off work is great.  Five is not.  Obviously I'm not super psyched to be a 27 year old college grad who is still a receptionist, but it sure as hell beats being a 27 year old college grad with no job!  Also, I get to wear this snazzy shirt to work once a week.  Jealous?

4)  Getting to see dad.  Since my dad moved to the East Coast, I haven't gotten to see him super often what with both of our schedules and the cost of air travel.  In 2010, I got to see him twice which was really awesome.  The best part was that he got to come stay in Ridgecrest, see our house, and meet Mike's family.  Mike even got an opportunity alone with him to ask his blessing to propose which I'm sure meant a lot to my dad.  I also got to see him with some more of his family when we laid my aunt to rest.  It was really sad, but I was happy to get to be there with my dad's crazy siblings while we broke the law, cried, and laughed together.

5)  Game night with the Way's.  There are few things I love in this world as much as my sister and her best friends the Way's.  Since we moved back to R/C, we don't get to see either of them much so their once a year game nights are always really special and fun for us.  Add to that some wine tasting and a sighting of two of our favorite Top Chef contestants and this year was better than ever!

6) Trip to Vegas.  While we couldn't hang with our crazy friends since, as everyone so lovingly likes to remind us, we are old and lame, Mike and I ended up having an amazing time together.  Trips like this one where we end up spending a lot of time alone, just wandering around and entertaining ourselves really makes us realize how perfect we are for each other and how happy we make each other.  Coming out on top because of how much we won on penny and nickel slots helped too!

7)  Vanessa was here!  I never get to see one of my best friends Vanessa because she lives so far away so having her home this summer was great.  Just getting to sit at her parent's house with her, Kristin, and a huge glass of wine, were some of my best times this year.


Okay, I'm sick of typing and Mike just gave the dogs baths so they are both wigging out and running around like maniacs so I'll just put the rest of the great things about 2010 in pictures.  Happy New Year!

Being Laura's date to a wedding

The Comic Book Twins coming to visit

Visiting Brian & Denae and falling in love with little Colby


So You Think You Can Dance with the Smith's

Adopting Demon Dog


  1. This is really cute Val and I'm glad we were included, although that's kind of a terrible picture of us, lol.

  2. I know we don't ever really talk or type anything back and forth, but I do read all of the stuff you post (mostly on FB) and I absolutely love it! You are so smart and witty (always have been) and you always make me smile when I read whatever quirky thing you have to say....I love your blog too:) I am so happy for you! It looks like you are truly happy! Congrats on everything....Mike, house, puppies, engagement and soon wedding:) Take care, Jaymie Brigham