Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wine & Roses

Although I'm getting more and more sick of planning my wedding, (seriously I could give a crap about place cards at this point), I'm getting more and more excited about the actual day.  Mike and I visited Wine & Roses this weekend to finish up everything with our wedding lady Julie and for me to do my hair and makeup trials.  To be honest, I was not looking forward to getting my hair and makeup done.  I am really bad at telling hair people what I want and I usually end up not liking what I've agreed to do.  Mike and I didn't get into Lodi and checked into our hotel room until about 1:30am so of course we overslept and ended up racing to get out the door and make it to my 9:00am hair appointment.  Thankfully, once I got there and got checked in, the spa was incredibly relaxing.  They have you wait in a room calling the Tranquility Room and it looks like this:

Seriously gorgeous.  There is the fire going and comfy chairs to lounge in, and relaxing music playing in the speakers.  You look out the window and there are fountains going.  So pretty.

This definitely helped relieve some of my stress.  My hair lady ended up being this super cute girl and she really liked my hair idea so that helped a lot too.  This is what I asked her to base the hair on:

After playing around with it for awhile and putting on my hair piece, this is what we came up with:

I love how messy it's very me!  It was a relief when that was over and it had gone so well.  I was nervous to get my  makeup done afterwards because A:  I don't generally wear very much makeup, B:  I am horrible at sitting still, C:  I'd never gotten my makeup done before, and D:  I hate having to sit in front of a mirror for that long.  Thankfully, the girl that did my makeup was really sweet and gorgeous and this is how it ended up:

I look gross in this picture, but it's not the makeup's fault!  I'm also a little freaked out about how my hair looks from the front, but we'll figure it out!

(fun fact, I didn't do either of these looks on my wedding day, I am the least decisive person ever whoops)

The meeting with the wedding lady went great and although I think we're spending way too much money, I'm really psyched to have our wedding at Wine & Roses.  Here are some pics I'm obsessed with right now of the venue.

Oh also, instead of printing and folding them ourselves like we planned, we stole 20 Lodi maps from our hotel.  We're the classiest bride and groom EVER.


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