Sunday, January 23, 2011


Mike and I have gone back and forth about menus at the wedding reception.  We had started out saying we'd have one per table and we'd frame it in a cute frame rather than having one at each plate.  I designed something really simple and have been searching and searching for gray card stock to print it on.  Have I mentioned how hard doing your own wedding is in this damn town?!  Mike threw me for a loop the other day when he decided to announce that each guest should have a menu instead of doing the framed one per table.  I looked online and had picked out these from Wedding Paper Divas that matched our invitations.

I started playing with these today and got frustrated because they wouldn't let me cut out stuff I didn't want in there like our names.  I think if you're seated at the tables know whose wedding you're at!  There also wasn't enough room for our entrĂ©es because their names are long.  I decided to make my own based on these.  What do you guys think??

I just have to order some white card stock and print them out.  Please give me your opinions if you think I need to change anything!

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  1. I think it looks great Val! No changes needed!