Monday, December 12, 2011

Purple Tights and Polka Dots

Full diclosure:  these are the world's most uncomfortable tights.
I thought they were on backwards so I switched them around.
In the bathroom at work.
It was awkward.
Didn't work.
They are just horribly uncomfortable.
But I look cute!

Dress:  Target, gift from my sister
Cardigan:  JCrew
Tights:  Kmart
Shoes:  Nine West Outlet
(I changed into my Kmart boots as seen here halfway through the day since I was so cold.)


  1. ooh, the tights are super cute!! I adore the colour. I'm a huge fan of the ones from ASOS they are super comfy & great quality. Geez, and there really isn't anything worse then uncomfortable tights, right?! Anyhoo - you look absolutely lovely. xo veronika

  2. Well, that's what I get for buying tights from Kmart!

    Thanks so much, I love your blog!!