Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Reception

I've hesitated posting about the wedding reception because I don't remember much of it.
What they always tell you is true, it goes by like a blur and the bride never eats.
I remember walking into the room and being relieved that the tables looked exactly how I'd imagined.
I remember the look on Mike's face when I showed him his groom's cake.
I remember the toasts and how they all made me cry and feel so loved.
I remember that the food was joke big.
I remember that the cakes were delicious, but everyone favored Laura's groom's cake.
I remember when people started to get drunk and dance and spill wine on my dress.
I remember that I didn't care because I was so happy people were having fun.
I remember doing a fake bouquet toss to a drunk guest.
And then making her give my bouquet back.
I remember all the male guests having a blast with the cigars.
I remember Mike kept holding my hand under the table, something rare for him to do for long periods of time.
I remember how badly my feet hurt at the end of the night.
I remember verbally accosting the employee who tried to make me go to my room and get my credit card for the alcohol fees.
I'm pretty sure I remember yelling at her, "I'm in my dress!" (It wouldn't have been my wedding without me verbally accosting someone).
I remember changing into flip flops and hoofing it in my dress to the hotel bar.
I remember poking a random bar patron in the butt and almost causing a fight between him and a groomsmen.
I remember guests singing at the bar piano.
I remember walking back to our room and realizing our florist had left a path of yellow and white flowers up to our room and spread on our bed.
I remember that the venue had left us appetizers and slices of cake in the room with some champagne for that night.
I remember falling asleep happy and finally unstressed and most importantly, married.

We're not douchebags...there's a personal joke in there...

Having fun with the guests over our place cards

Look how happy she her.

My handsome dad giving his beautiful toast


I love Mike's sweet face while I'm crying

Laura's funny and sweet toast

Owen's toast made everyone laugh

After cake smooch

Seriously, look how happy this cake made him


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