Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tea Time

One of my all time favorite things about my husband is the fact that he is totally open and happy doing girly things with me.
He's a pretty manly dude what with him being amazing at sports and loving to work on cars and look at boobs.
He's more than happy though baking, going to see musicals, watching Glee, etc.
He's a pretty awesome person to live with.
I get to stare at a hot dude and have someone to watch girly movies with.
Win Win
Last weekend, he did something super girly with me.
We went to high tea.
We drank 3 pots of tea between the two of us.
Ate some amazing tiny sandwiches and desserts.
And finished it off with champagne.
It was a perfect date night for me and my girly man.
Just kidding honey, you're all stud.

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