Saturday, November 3, 2012


Last weekend my mom, sister, and I went for a quick girl's trip to Cambria.
And it was fun and relaxing and tasty.
I mean, full disclosure, the dog got fleas, we had a first world freakout when we realized our cell phones didn't work there, and we all bickered half the time.
But that's pretty tame for a girl's trip.
Here are some pictures.

The view from the house we stayed at.  Trees!

The handsome little flea bag.

Deer in someone's backyard.


I get really happy when people buy me wine.

The indoor pool at Hearst Castle.  I want one.

Annnd the outdoor pool.  I'll take one of those too.

I'll pass on the living room though...

I feel like Gizmo would be great friends with the elephant seals.

I am trying way to hard in this picture.  Yikes.


I wish this were my backyard. (It has a wine bar in it)


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