Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dear Mitsi

Today, I sold my car.
My little mitsi the Mitsubishi.
She was the first real thing I bought by myself.
(And by myself means my dad cosigned and paid a couple payments when I was unemployed for a while there)
I have had her for over 10 years.
We lived in Bakersfield together.
Moved to Texas, New Jersey, Chico, and Ridgecrest.
She has been hit in several parking lots, rear ended in LA traffic, ticketed in Virginia and New Jersey.
She has got a few busted parts.
But she's kept trucking and looking fabulous this whole time.
I still remember the day I paid her off and how adult and awesome that made me feel.
I'm glad she doesn't have to drive across the country for the third time for our big trip.
And that she doesn't have to try to weather East Coast winters.
But I literally teared up after she left today.
Bye bye little mitsi.
(Sorry about spilling in you all the time)

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  1. The day I have to sell Naomi the Neon I will ball like a baby, guaranteed.