Sunday, November 11, 2012

Moving Update

So now that we've broken the news to our moms and my boss, I can finally write about our moving plans on here.
Last Thursday, while on travel to PAX (our new home) Mike called and dropped the bomb on me that our moving date was being moved up to not after Christmas like we'd hoped but to 3 weeks from now.
My response (while standing in the kitchen of my work) was HOLY SHIT.
That is soon.
We have to pack and move across the country and get a place to live and make plans and tell our families and tell our bosses.
Shit shit shit.
But also YAY!
We get to start our new adventure's actually happening.
It was a very confusing phone conversation.

That day, Mike found us an apartment, signed on the dotted line, and we were officially required to be in Maryland by November 29th.
Our apartment is amazeballs and if anyone (that I actually know) wants to know the details, just e-mail me.
I figure I shouldn't put online where we'll be living.
You know, murderers and whatnot.

Then I had to tell my bosses that my last work day would be November 21st.
Less than two weeks from the day I'd be telling them on.
They were not pleased.
We won't talk about that here, but it was a bad day.
A sobbing in my car outside of work kind of day.

Then we had to tell the moms.
That we were leaving early.
That we wouldn't be home for Christmas.
That I wouldn't be staying behind waiting to find a job.
(Seriously, how bad of an idea was that?  Like I could really live across the country from my husband for months.)
We were scared.
So we invited them over for dinner and wooed them with Julia's French Onion Soup, a tasty salad, and some wine.
And they were of course awesome about it and my mom promised not to cry until moving day.
All in all, a win.

Now we have 18 days to pack up our whole house, get a truck, put down a deposit on the apartment, wrap up everything at work, pick a course for the cross-country trek including making reservations at hotels along the way that allow dogs, deliver all the items we have sold to various people (goodbye couches and car) get the house ready for our renters to move in, change our address with every bill and organization, re-write our home as a rental dwelling, get renters insurance, and you know drive across the country and move into a new home by November 29th in time for Mike to start work on December 3rd.
I need a cocktail.

So, I may be a little MIA for a while, but trust me, I will take plenty of obnoxious pictures of us packing and moving and our new place once we get there.
Don't you worry.
Here's to the big adventure and big move!


  1. Good luck with it all! Moving cross-country is really scary (it's almost like abroad, with the truck you have to hire and all!), but it will be great for you as a couple. Really make you come together and work as one. Can't wait to hear all about it! ;)